calypte 2nd July

La, but I am in a good mood! 🙂 There was no ‘news’ as such in yesterday’s hospital appointment – everything is looking fine (including the lovely consultant, fnarf fnarf! 😉 ) – but that ‘we’ll see you next year’ still felt like a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Okay, so still a little uncertainty around the PTH but not so much to stop me coming home and starting the process of going back to work. And they are being super-lovely, still: no issues with a phased return, and happy for me to play it by ear rather than setting down a schedule for me. AND – totally unexpectedly – a gorgeous bunch of flowers arrived this morning 🙂 (just as well I answered the door, which I rarely do these days…!). It’s just so lovely to know that people understand these things are tough, and letting me ease back in is a good thing.

And while the thought of going back to alarms, schedules, and responsibility isn’t exactly sunshine and unicorns, I’m still mostly looking forward to it – and to just getting life back to – not normal, but an improved normal. Doing what I can when I can, doing the stuff that makes me happy.

Didn’t realise how far I’d strayed from feeling like this, with things being pretty okay for the past while, but yay! And yay! 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone 🙂


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  1. That’s great news that everything is looking fine – glad things are looking up at last, and also how lovely to get some flowers! Hope your transition to work goes smoothly 🙂

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