T’s 30th June

Today was a very good day in the end. I get anxious when I travel and usually it starts 2 days in advance: I find myself awake in the middle of the night, wondering about how to remember everything, and what if I forget this, and what if I don’t manage to check in, and what if my books put my suitcase overweight, if, if, if. So today, as a way to shut down my endless worrying and control-freakyness, I ended up doing something I had been postponing for… 1 year and 3 months!!! In the end it took just 2 hours, but they were 2 hours of intense pain, concentration, and constant decisions. And of course, in this year and 3 months I had been thinking so many times at these things that many decisions had been pondered quite a bit till now, and some prior decisions already taken. The whole process was so very absorbing that for those 2 hours I certainly stopped worrying about me leaving tomorrow. And now, at least I am relieved that I did it at last.


Before leaving:

  • go and greet people at the department
  • print out check in sheet
  • last photocopies
  • last touches to talk + print it out (so I can make revisions during the flight)
  • take books back to the library
  • fetch vase to Susan
  • pack + weigh suitcases
  • ct5k 3/3 (?!?) YEAH!
  • dump&discard
  • if I still have some space left: consider buying Emplotting virtue

While waiting at the airport (I always get there so well in advance, yes I already told you I’m the anxious type)

  • work
  • messages to M. and mum before leaving

During flight (remember EARPLUGS!)

  • basically sleep
  • or
    • read Sandler’s book
    • read the book about Human nature
    • read student’s thesis

I’ll be arriving at Frankfurt airport at 5:55 am in the morning of the first July, then in Bologna at 10 am. Then I’ll travel to Padua… and beyond that point I have a detailed list of thing to do there.





Comments on: "T’s 30th June" (6)

  1. Congrats on getting the thing done that you’ve postponed for so long. And bon voyage!

  2. Major kudos on the 2-hour task – and so interesting knowing exactly how long it’s take you to do!

    • Turandot said:

      Well, you know, that thought “let’s see how long this is going to take, even only just doing one of it” was what made me go for it. A mixture of curiosity and self-challenge. In the end I did do all 6 of them. And when I checked the time, I couldn’t believe it had been going on for only 2 hours, because it did feel like eternity&hell.

  3. I’m an anxious traveler, too. Congrats on finding an effective and productive way to manage your anxiety, and best wishes for your next adventure!

    • Turandot said:

      There’s nothing like a bigger anxiety to remove a minor one, LOL! Post some pics from Arizona, will you? I so much long to visit it!

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