T’s 29th June

Today  a friend of mine from Bratislava wrote me in an e-mail “I hope that  brexit won´t affect harshly on your UK staying” and stupid as it certainly sounds, I had already wondered about that myself. I guess, till I keep my mouth shut, nobody is going to guess I am Italian and invite me to just go back to my country, right? Except, usually people think I’m either Spanish or Greek (no idea why they never figure I’m Italian). Not that it’s going to make any difference anyway, PIGS European states all the same. It now troubles me a bit that I’m going to have to make a long and rather uncomfortable train trip alone to Wales. But surely I’ll be fine. Some of my friends’ friends in Wales are strong LibDems, and all the others are strongly pro-Europe anyway, I’m sure I won’t have to face any uncomfortable situation among them.


Plan for the day before leaving:

  • clean kitchen, Rosie
  • laundry
  • work email
  • photocopy Livy
  • revise Oxford talk
  • stop thinking that I won’t probably come back to Boston, it’s quite a depressive thought right now!
  • a last jog on Charles River Esplanade (ct5K 3/3)
  • bring back books to library
  • packing suitcases, weighing them, make sure my books don’t make my suitcase go overweight
  • book shuttle to airport
  • take time for a last stroll around
  • after 6 pm: check-in on-line

Comments on: "T’s 29th June" (3)

  1. I’m trying to understand this – are you worried that people will be horrible to you while you’re in the UK, because you’re Italian? I really don’t think there is anything to worry about. Am finding this idea quite shocking actually. It was a vote against a massive super-state, not citizens from other countries.

    It’s true there have been some reports of racism in the media lately which is disturbing but I think they are isolated incidents, mostly against the Polish community – not wanting to downplay it, it’s awful of course, but I don’t think an Italian tourist needs to worry about being attacked. There haven’t been reports of anything like that happening.

    • Turandot said:

      Oh, surely I expect nothing to happen in London, or in Oxford, for that matter. But there’s a bid divide in the country, and on the train in Wales, with people massively voting for leave against their own interests, and with a political class that doesn’t seem too eager to follow through with what they had promised… won’t the people be really angry by now? Let’s just say that I won’t be too surprised in case I overhear some nasty comment exchanged among British people and loosely hinted at me to make me feel I’m out of place. And honestly, I don’t think people will be distinguishing between Italians and Polish, when it comes to it: all they’ll hear is a foreign accent, and that’s going to be enough for them to decide one is a foreigner, therefore stealing possibilities that shouldn’t have been for her int he first place. It would be fun if I could at least decently fake an American accent. No, I am not really worried. And I hope I will resist the urge to start chatting with people on the train as I always tend to do.

  2. Safe travels! And seconding SL – even with the mood of unrest in parts of the country, you’re very unlikely to suffer any unpleasantness at all.

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