More political and economic turmoil yesterday…  the levels of rancour are quite dreadful at the moment, and the whole thing has been so divisive. The party leadership selection processes don’t help when the party members are far more extreme than the population as a whole. Paws crossed for Theresa May, not Boris, who is looking shiftier by the day and didn’t even show up to the House of Commons yesterday.

I haven’t seen anyone saying this out loud but in my opinion the answer for Labour is for David Miliband to get his arse back here (maybe in Jo Cox’s seat, which the other parties have said they won’t contest). Is that a remote possibility? The other potential leadership candidates are a lacklustre bunch which is how Corbyn got it last time. Also, Corbyn is a genuine person (albeit a crap leader) and people appreciate honesty instead of slippery careerism. On the other hand, the Chilcot report is coming out in a few days, so that may open up the can of worms of calling Tony Blair a war criminal, and Miliband senior is tainted by association

Either way we need some coming together and healing, instead of throwing insults and accusations at each other. And we need to understand why the people who voted Out did so. They’re not all stupid racists, a lot of the communities who voted out have been badly affected by globalisation and austerity and have been consigned to the rubbish heap. I don’t blame them for wanting to give the establishment a bloody nose. This was their only opportunity and they took it. Less abuse and more understanding would be welcome.

On to today…

  • prep delicious lunch
  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • deal with auditor
  • revise accounts – apparently there are lots of changes this year which I didn’t realise, oh well…
  • this afternoon Z and I are going to the London Stock Exchange for an investment seminar – great timing! Will the stock exchange still exist by the time we get there? 😉
  • catch up on GoT
  • continue reading the Girl on the Train 

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 28th June" (4)

  1. Oy, it must be really difficult to go about your day-to-day business in the midst of such uproar and uncertainty. It really does sound as if a strong leader who puts the good of the country first is really necessary right now. I understand that Theresa May is polling ahead of Boris Johnson at the moment. When will the election be held? And what the heck is happening with the Labour party? Is it just a matter of in-fighting?

    • Apparently they’re planning to announce the result of the Tory leadership in early September. As for Labour – good grief. Bernie Sanders running the Democratic party, is the best analogy I can think of. Corbyn is very left wing whereas most Labour MPs are more moderate. Interesting times. Meanwhile normal life is still normal – we discuss these things a lot in the office, but work etc. isn’t affected particularly.

  2. Hear hear! One comment I read from an ‘outer’ – one of the older generation, so accused of ‘ruining’ everything for the younger – was, “Maybe now our kids will be able to afford a house”. That really made me rethink some of the reasons people voted to leave. But yeah, everything is just so messy at the moment, with no certainty on even the fundamentals.

    Looking forward to your views on Girl on a Train!

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