T’s 24th June

The day after. Britain will be getting out of EU. I cannot say I am surprised. Perhaps it will turn out to be a wise move, who knows, I have no certainties. Nobody really knows at this stage what’s going to happen next. Surely the stock market will be on a roller coaster for a while, but the fact that despicable people like Farage and Boris Johnson were all for Leave, doesn’t necessarily imply that it will be a bad decision in the long term. They might have been right for the wrong reasons. I am only too conscious that Europe itself has many faults, that it was never liked in GB (where I and my Italian friends never felt we were in Europe anyway). I wonder how long will other countries wait to get out of it, especially those not partaking of the euro currency. Letting in countries which wouldn’t subscribe to euro was one of the mistakes, IMO.

Have been thinking for a while of writing my plan the night before, so here we go. (By the way, One man, two guvnors was totally exhilarating,)

  • Oxford talk: trace back reference to M/B debate; email AG, CG, DC, KP, SM;
  • Humanitas workshop: bibliographical research, order books for library
  • VladPaper: bring it to the point of completion? (add 1 paragraph discussing lit rev, 1 criticising translations)
  • M/B proposal: revise


  • Ct5K 3/1


  • go on reading L. Vanderkam
  • shopping for shoes?
  • email N., confirm visit
  • skype M, mum


ETA It must be the first time ever that I agree with Juncker. And now, this IS scary. He is reported to have said: “It’s not an amicable divorce, but it was not exactly a tight love affair anyway.” I think a lot of the future of Europe now lays in how this exit is handled. If everything is left as before, and just renegotiated (they are already picturing something like this happening in participation in the common market and research funds etc), then … what was the point? It would show no respect for the vote and democracy. The problem is that the Brexit notion was always so vague (immigration apart) that now it allows anybody to depict it in the terms that they prefer. And Lagarde and the US had so much rather that everything went on unchanged.  Now, I can picture that option would really alienate the entire political class and credibility. And bring more and more (France, The Netherlands, etc) on to the path of wanting to rediscuss their participation in the EU. I don’t think we can afford it. When the positions are far and differing, the first step is to acknowledge it, and respect it. Not make as if we all want the same outcome. I’m very curious to know what’s going to happen with Scotland. Nothing in the near future, I’m sure, but later on?



Comments on: "T’s 24th June" (2)

  1. I’m not surprised either – I was amazed throughout how complacent the Remain people were. E.g. I have a friend who works for a university quango and when I asked her what they were doing to prepare for Brexit she looked at me as if I’d lost my mind – they thought it was so unlikely to happen they hadn’t been doing any contingency planning. London is unbelievably disconnected from the rest of the UK. The next few years will be very interesting…

    • Turandot said:

      Ah, yes, London is disconnected from the rest of the UK, but I still remember listening to BBC and being amazed that the “EU countries” were referred to as “they” instead of “we”. Then of course it doesn’t help when the main argument against leaving is that people who want to leave are undereducated, provincial, gullible and racist. Because that’s when they make everybody take notice that their opinion counts as much as those of who wants to tell them what to think, as it’s a democracy. (But did somebody explain to Trump that Scotland voted against Brexit? non such a great idea to congratulate for the Brexit in Scotland, of all places!)

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