So, we’re leaving the EU! I voted Remain, but I can certainly see that there are many arguments to leave and the two people whose opinions I value the most both voted out, so paws crossed this works out for the best and frees the country up to become more dynamic. It’s exciting to see democracy in action, and wonderful to see the smile wiped off the face of the posh Eton boys. Not so happy to see Farage triumphant though. Politics is certainly interesting at the moment!

On to today…

  • ironing
  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • deal with audit queries
  • help C with LRT stat accounts
  • continue writing notes etc.
  • consider my plans for July, Aug, Sept
  • must really do some checking
  • am planning to have a quiet weekend, cleaning etc, and hope my ear finally unblocks itself – also continuing to think about plots ahead of my writing week which isn’t that far away…

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 24th June" (4)

  1. You didn’t mention the dragon cough, so I’m hoping that means it’s gone and that you’ll be completely well after a quiet weekend.

    Regarding the decision to leave the EU, I’m impressed with your balanced point of view. Has there been any discussion about how the exit from the EU will be accomplished?

    • The dragon cough is still present and correct, but I thought you’d heard enough about it for one week 🙂

      I really can see both sides of the EU debate and I’m quite excited that we’re coming out and to see what happens next. I hope it’s a positive move that shakes things up – the atmosphere out on the streets today seemed pretty good but that could just be the weather!

      The actual logistics are going to be super-messy, I think. It could take 2 years at least, probably longer.

      • It’s time for that dragon cough to do its own exit. Let’s put it up for a FTF referendum!

        I read an article about the possible changes that could come as a result of the vote, and one possibility was that new negotiations between EU and British leadership might lead to another referendum. With Cameron’s resignation, that doesn’t seem so likely to me, but what do I know? I also heard that Boris Johnson is a possible candidate to replace Cameron. I know very little about Johnson but am thinking that he and Trump are cut from the same cloth.

  2. It’s so nice to hear a positive view on the referendum! Up here you’d think the world had already ended O_o

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