T’s 22nd June

For some unknown reason I’ve been up since 4,30am. Had a great time yesterday late afternoon with S. the painter I made friends with her the first time I came to Boston, 5 years ago. She is a painter, a portraitist, and an amazing one, every time we meet we always resume our conversations from where we had left them. She is such a special person. Felt a bit awful that didn’t manage to skype with my husband, because of the time zone difference, and when I greeted S goodbye, it was 3 am in Italy. We’ll catch up today, also, he seems to be in some sort of trouble at work.

      • main focus: keep working on 3 the different writing projects: if I can make a little progress on each, it will have been a productive day.
        • paper for Vladimir: insert the quotations, email FB about the “galeas per montes”
        • expand the general quick draft for the Oxford talk, research the current debate about the mind/body problem.
        • jot down the standard circular email for the contributors, find the files to attach and send it out
  • send out emails: AV, AG, CG?
  • ct5K (w 2/3) ——>on to week 3!!!
  • 30′ to process work emails: GN!!! FB
  • make a plan for the coming week
  • Barnes and Noble: check BtB and LV
  • early night (wondering, what if I try to shift my sleeping pattern towards the European time zone already?)
  • update about the bracelet (it’s a tiny thing of little beauty and less value, but I guess it might have a sentimental importance for someone) I ended up creating an account for craigslist and posting about it in lost/found. Mostly I was curious to see how it works, such a typical American thing to my eyes. Well, nobody answered or noticed. It turns out the messages are about people losing: cats, phones, cameras in the underground, car keys and drones! One posted about losing her lover (not in sense of dying!). I might end up leaving the thing at the police, as Calypte suggested, except I don’t know where the police station is in this town and certainly don’t want to go too much out of my way for this. There’s a lot of police cars going around here where I live, but it’s the police of Boston University, never understood whether they are privately hired by the university (guess so) and in what connection they stand with the actual police. And there’s just no way to know whether it actually belonged to a student of BU. So in the end I will give the bracelet to them I guess, if nobody answers the message online.



Comments on: "T’s 22nd June" (2)

  1. That little bracelet is fortunate to have made it into your caring hands. I can imagine it otherwise being stepped on and ground into nothingness by many rushing feet…

  2. dahlia66 said:

    In my opinion, if it isn’t valuable, probably no one will go to the police looking for it. Even if I lost my engagement ring in the park, I wouldn’t go to the police — I would figure, it’s just lost. Not sure what to suggest instead, but I think that giving it to the police will mean it will disappear into limbo-land.

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