calypte 22nd June

Can’t remember the last time I was posting so regularly here!

My ear remains blocked, and the other one has half-joined it, so feel a bit ‘underwater’. It’s disconcerting, and not making me feel very sociable or get up and go. Was rather relieved not to get the half-expected text from a friend who has taken to checking up on me occasionally on his way to work – hopefully catch up next week, though.

  • dailies
    • morning pages
    • wii in
    • stretches
    • meditation
    • duolingo
    • doodle course
  • meal plan – make sure I’m using up the bits in the fridge
  • handwash delicates
  • sort music files somewhat
  • watch something
  • paint toenails – perhaps a cheery colour? 🙂
  • maybe a bath?
  • continue listening to audiobook
  • maybe finish AGoS too 🙂

Doodle course day 1 was fine – very simple, could have done it in 2 minutes but there was a 16 minute video taking things a little further. Was slightly confusing as to whether the ‘further’ was part of the day or not. Will be interesting to see how it builds over 6 weeks, and what my efforts look like from yesterday compared to day 40!


Comments on: "calypte 22nd June" (1)

  1. It’s horrible having one blocked up ear, let alone two. Hope they clear up soon!

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