T’s 21st June

Yesterday evening had great fun with V at our dinner. She recently got her PhD in sexology and told me about her dissertation. We ended up talking about her new sexual confidence coaching business and about women and relationships most of the evening, in particular the “alpha woman” (she introduced me to this quiz http://www.alphawomanthebook.com/quiz/ ) which was fun, it turned out that, depending on how one considers this, we both are alpha women in different ways (sounds scary, uh?!?). The nice aspect of that quiz is that it doesn’t all end into a alpha-scale, but it introduces the notion of a balance between alpha and beta aspects. Sorry if this sounds a bit too weird or far fetched or just stupid. My friend’s point of view is quite simple really: confidence with sex unlocks an entire sphere of being powerful for women. Every time I talk to her I wonder about her notion of sexual confidence but it looks like she intends the ability of women to speak up about their (sexual) needs and not to have to conform to social pressure etc.


On with today, there’s a very strange light this morning, reflecting on the surface of Charles River out of my window: sky is a pearly grey, very luminous, it has rained very little in the early morning and this layer of soft mist thinly coats everything, making it respendent.

  • main focus: keep working on 3 the different writing projects: if I can make a little progress on each, it will have been a productive day.
    • paper for Vladimir: insert the quotations, email FB about the “galeas per montes”
    • expand the general quick draft for the Oxford talk, research the current debate about the mind/body problem.
    • jot down the standard circular email for the contributors, find the files to attach and send it out.
  • go to see Amanda in her office, ask her to have the document sealed
  • ct5K (w 2/2)
  • at 5 pm: meet Susan for the walk to the rose garden
  • clear carnage up (as SL would put it) from last night
  • 30′ to process work emails


ETA just back from Ct5k week 2/2: I found a small gold bracelet, on one of the piers on Charles river. Was thinking to post about it in the lost/found section in craigslist/Boston (have never used it, but that’s what came to my mind), I wonder whether you think there would be better ways to find the owner. What would you do?



Comments on: "T’s 21st June" (3)

  1. dahlia66 said:

    Interesting! I think that our views about sexuality correlate to our views about ourselves and our lives in general. It makes sense that learning to be more confident and assertive in one aspect of your life is probably going to spill over and affect other aspects of your life. Moreover, sex is something a lot of people have hang-ups about, for one reason or another. I bet V is able to help a lot of people lead more fulfilling lives. Glad you had fun during your dinner with her!

  2. That’s very considerate of you to seek the bracelet’s owner. Some towns have lost and found radio programs, but I’m thinking that’s more common in smaller places. You could also put up a few signs in the area where the bracelet was found.

  3. If it was here, I’d say hand it in to the police – you don’t really want to have to field all the crank calls claiming it’s their bracelet!

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