T’s 20th June

The time in Boston is flying even faster than it does elsewhere, it feel just so relaxing and nice to be here. I’ve enjoyed a beautiful weekend, mostly outdoors.

Plan for today:

  • main focus: need to work on 3 different writing tasks today. If I can make a little progress on each, it will have been a productive day.
    • I want to write 3 paragraphs for the paper for Vladimir. I want to check the  different translations and write a note comparing them
    • I want to expand the general quick draft I have for the Oxford talk. And research the current debate about the mind/body problem.
    • I want to jot down the standard circular email for the contributors, find the files to attach and send it out.
  • go to see Amanda in her office, ask her to have the document sealed -> TOMORROW
  • at noon: come back from the library: phone Susan,
  • at 5pm: skype mum
  • ct5K (w 2/2) – not sure when, between 5.30 and 7 pm?
  • prepare for dinner with Valeria
  • dinner
  • procure the quarters $ for the laundry machine
  • mail parcel to M.
  • 30′ to process work emails

Comments on: "T’s 20th June" (1)

  1. dahlia66 said:

    So glad to hear how much you’re enjoying Boston!

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