calypte 20th June

Gosh, June is whooshing past a bit! o_O

Still not feeling great – woke up this morning totally deaf in one ear – so not quite sure what my plans are for the day. Well, mostly the same as the past few days I imagine – reading, viewing (getting through the tv stash very satisfactorily!) – but will have to see how I feel about tai chi. Is the ear affecting my balance?

For all the cold sucks, been a relatively okay kind of a week even with it – generally enjoying the quiet and time for reflection and mindfulness. More planning than doing, but that’s me all over just with added excuse! Motto has been “do what I can” which is working well for me. Hey – I made houmous for the first time yesterday! 🙂 Otherwise picking away at (non-energetic) housework and the habits I want to have – meditation, morning pages (well, page! Unsurprisingly therapeutic, which feels necessary and rather good right now), exercise in the form of a teenie bit of effort on the wii. And opened Duolingo this morning for the first time in forever, because why not?

I also signed up yesterday for a 40 day doodling course (if that link works), in the hope of resparking my long-undernourished arty side. I was making vague outline plans (!) for the rest of year, including Nano in November (probably. I sort of ‘have to’ as ML, but I confess I’m loathe to hit the stress. Might be a planned half-assed effort this year, and first ‘fail’?) and Inktober in October. I sort of enjoyed the latter last year, although gave it far too little time to be anywhere near okay with my results. Been mouching around Instagram rather a lot of late, and one of the recent themes seems to have been drawing skills aged e.g. 10 and after 5-10 years practice. Is vaguely encouraging! So, this course (although welcome email arrived saying it’ll take a day or two for the course emails to start) ahead of a second go at Inktober seemed like a good idea. Of course, there was also this book I bought ages ago, so far untouched…!

Also hoping the bullet journalling (thanks for the FB group invite, Moose!) will encourage more doodling and calligraphy. So far just thinking about it and plans to ‘set up’ for July. Including – see examples on my pinterest board – a bookshelf sketch to mark off the books I want to/have read 🙂

Today’s mini list:

  • dailies:
    • morning pages
    • wii in
    • stretches
    • meditation
    • dulingo
  • review of Best SF&F Short Stories – go go go!
  • vaguely thinking about setting up an Instagram for LittleFrogScribbles (hangover from spending a week with the queen of bookstagram, K!) although not entirely sure ‘why’
  • possibly go buy peppers, or just reshuffle meal plans (!)
  • check if need / order contact lens solution
  • a little programming – just to break the drought?!
  • continue listening to audio book – enjoying, but takes so long!
  • make a decision re tai chi

Here’s to a healthier week all ’round!


Comments on: "calypte 20th June" (4)

  1. Turandot said:

    Love your pinboards!

  2. dahlia66 said:

    Hope you get the better of this cold soon!

  3. A doodling course sounds fun! Hope your cold clears up soon.

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