T’s 17th June

The shocking news from Britain, I almost can’t believe it, and it’s so very unsettling to listen to how it is reported here, where CNN is constantly dealing with the Orlando shooting, and interspersed in the breaking news they report about the killing of the MP in Britain and they end up explaining that they report it because it’s so unusual and very uncommon as guns are not widespread at all in GB. As if they had to justify why they spend time talking of 1 person killed, when here probably only mass shootings get medium coverage? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just me, but everything here enters into the debate of gun control or not, and it looks like any piece of news is used in it, usually by both sides with some very twisted effects. In Boston there’s this huge ad on a major road: “We are not against guns, we are for life”. Even for those who want gun control, it’s still unthinkable to directly state that they are against guns. Unbelievable. The very notion of personal freedom here seems to depend on guns, so odd. And the scandal in the scandal: when Trump says that maybe those who are on the list of terrorists should not be able to buy military automatic rifles, the Republicans disown him saying that there might be errors in those lists. Ah! They talk of having a “gun right”. The notion of rights suddenly is very slippery. All the while, in Italy the first piece of news in these days is all about Berlusconi heart operation, which feels incredibly parochial anyway one looks at it.

On with the day:

  • Oxford talk: work @ Mugar (try for 3 layers to see whether it’s enough in the A/C): review notes, check references, re-read Lyon paper (and get it printed out?), draft 3 paragraphs (with the BB ch. in mind)
  • paper for Vladimir: re-read previous version, complete references, expand 2 paragraphs, rethink the title
  • M/B work on it for 30′
  • deal with work email in batches + email Matthew, David Ch., Norman, John R., Aaron (?)
  • Ct5K
  • free evening, stroll in Newbury St.
  • be in bed by 10,30 pm if I want to get my 7 hour sleep, as the light wakes me up every morning at 5,40 am



Comments on: "T’s 17th June" (3)

  1. Gun control is a hotly disputed issue in the US right now. I think that a lot of people who are working for better gun control have made a political decision to not say that they want to do away with all guns, because it’s unlikely that such a drastic change would happen. This is partly because the second amendment to the US constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, (although the constitution could be amended again!). Also, the gun lobby is extremely powerful in the USA and spends millions on pro-gun propaganda, convincing many people that the only way to be safe is to be armed. The gun lobby also pays off many politicians, either through direct financial contributions or through concerted efforts to vote in or vote out their chosen candidates (this is how Bernie Sanders first got into his Senate office and is one of the things I don’t like about him).

    The gun control movement does keep growing stronger since the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings. Personally, I would like for the US to follow Australia’s lead in regards to guns but see any step toward stronger gun regulation as a positive. I found the Democrats’ recent Senate filibuster encouraging, although the only thing they won was an agreement that a proposed law to ban the sales of assault rifles from suspected terrorists, convicted criminals and people with mental health problems could go to vote. It’s a sad state of affairs when this is considered a victory.

    I don’t watch CNN, but the very sad news about Mrs. Cox is being reported differently on NPR and CBS, where I haven’t heard any attempt to justify that her murder is being reported. Most of what I’ve heard has talked about her dedication to country and family and how it is a tremendous shock to the people of Britain, especially because these types of events are so rare (vs the US, where guns account for an average of 31 homicides and 56 suicides each DAY).

    • Turandot said:

      Oh, I understand! It’s like the battle for euthanasia in Italy, there’s no law for it, and we tried to curb and limit the scope of it, so a discussion could at least be started in parliament. With the church against any kind f discussion about it, the resistance was very big and obvious. We were trying to start bringing the subject up into awareness zone first, only place one could start really. I think somehow it’s similar here with guns. I see CNN because I have a very old tv set in the flat and apart a lot of crap, I haven’t found nothing else apart CNN. Well perhaps that’s crap too in your opinion, I don’t know. Last time I was here I remember I was watching some series and there were some interesting programmes, now I am not able to find nothing like that anymore. Perhaps it has all gone to cable tv (which I don’t have here)? mystery.

      • That’s interesting about the battle for euthanasia. It does sound as if the political process you’re going through may be similar to what’s happening with efforts for gun control in the US. I think it would be very difficult to get a law allowing euthanasia passed in the US, too. Right now, there are just four states that allow what’s called “physician-assisted suicide” and none that allow euthanasia. The difference between physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia is that the doctor doesn’t actually administer any life-ending drugs, but s/he can advise the patient and prescribe the drugs.

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