T’s 16th June

Super busy day today. But at last I got 7 hours of sleep, which is going to help me through the day.

  • Oxford talk @ Mugar: review notes, check references, re-read Lyon paper (and get it printed out?), draft 3 paragraphs (with the BB ch. in mind), expand bibliographical research,
  • paper for Vladimir: re-read previous version, complete references, expand 2 paragraphs, rethink the title
  • M/B work on it for 30′
  • emails Carla email Matthew, David Ch., Norman
  • check whether dinner with Valeria is confirmed or not in the end and revise plan of the day at noon based on that

Just as an after-thought, I don’t think I’ve ever shared my pinterest board about writing here. Together with a lot of stationery I covet, there are links to lots of useful books there. They are mostly meant for non fiction, but some are useful also for fiction. One I am totally in love with is J. Williams, Style: lessons in clarity and grace. 

But another one, which I haven’t yet looked into but seems amazing and might be very useful for fiction writers, is Lisa Cron, Wired for story.

And now, time to really start some serious work. Will try to pace myself, though, I think today will be a pomodoro day!

ETA: The A/C is damn cold in the library. I’ve taken a hood fleece and still have blue fingers. My brain cells are all frozen. Hate hate hate this! Don’t manage to think when I’m too cold, and this feels way too cold to me, especially when I think that outside is such a lovely temperature. Cultural differences, and denial of climate change if you ask me!!! there’s simply no need whatsoever to keep this refrigerating temperatures in the libraries as if we were all mummies to be preserved.


Comments on: "T’s 16th June" (3)

  1. I do love pinterest for writing! Mostly collecting images for fiction, for me, but recently started a resources board of my own 🙂

  2. Interesting to read your comments about the A/C. I read an article in the FT recently that said a lot of offices are too cold for women – there’s a gender disparity in our comfortable temperatures, apparently! Men like it cold, women like it about 3 degrees warmer. We need to start a campaign 🙂

    • Turandot said:

      Indeed, let’s start a campaign, LOL! I read that article (or a similar one anyway), the problem is that there are lots of other women here, and some of them are in short sleeves, shorts and sandals. They must come from Iceland for sure. I feel a bit like a nun all wrapped up and still shivering, with only my blue extremities showing on the keyboard.

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