T’s 14th June

Hi girls! I have been reading your posts more or less regularly in this time when I haven’t posted, am now in Boston, on an exchange plan with Boston University, just arrived from NYC where I spent a week.

It feels good to be in Boston again, in a typically turn of the (previous) century new England brownstone house, with a baywindow that has an amazing view on the Charles River Esplanade. Everybody runs on the Esplanade. Me, even. Started yesterday the Ct5K, from week 1, again. I don’t have any plan to get super fit, that’s clear. I just enjoy going out and jogging leisurely, following the rhythm and taking in the beautiful vista.

Lots going on at the moment, and some unwelcome interferences as well. Preparing for the Oxford workshop at the beginning of July. A bit worried about my mother at the moment, she got an operation on the 6th, and seems to be recovering all right, but the condition of her heart seemed to worry the doctors. And me, now. Not sure how much she is worried herself, we talk on skype but I try not to talk of depressing things, to cheer her up. I doubt my father can be understanding and supportive enough in this instance.

I just finished reading a most lovely book. I’d say it’s about Britishness, but it is fiction, and very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it (except the ending, when it veers too much into fairy tale zone for my taste). In case any of you need a summer reading advice it’s Helen Simonson, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. https://www.amazon.com/Major-Pettigrews-Last-Stand-Novel/dp/0812981227

Since I arrived in the US I have been buying books… I found some excellent resources for writers, and as I understand that here it’s not jsut me writing, I think I share one I am finding great at the moment: Roy Peter Clark, Help! for writers. https://www.amazon.com/Help-Writers-Solutions-Problems-Writer-ebook/dp/B00FOQS6S8/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1465908484&sr=1-1&keywords=Help%21+for+writers

I packed all the books I bought into my husband suitcase when he travelled back to Italy 2 days ago, so I could go on buying some more. It’s called addiction, right. And also, exploitation of the husband as an international courier.

I also came across Laura Vanderkam’s books on time management. This might interest some of you perhaps https://www.amazon.com/168-Hours-Have-More-Think-ebook/dp/B003NX75PE/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1465908634&sr=1-4&keywords=laura+vanderkam but she also has many others. Aimed at women mostly. She sais that the current time crunch is just a wrong narrative, not a reality. Then suggests you hire a cook to cook your own meal. Aw, this Upper East Side Manahattan girls leave me speechless. But there might me some good ideas. I just wanted to punch her, who are you kidding?

Sorry for this long introduction, but I felt the need to reconnect a bit with all of you (don’t ask me why I think of doing so talking of books). The Orlando news is horrible, and it is so interesting to see how differently it is portrayed in Italy and here! In Italy it is treated as a case of self denied homosexuality turned into mass annihilation. Here it is a case of in-grown terrorism and becomes a political weapon in the debate for the elections. I lost sight of the Brexit debate, my friends in the UK reassure me that the “stay” will win for merely utilitarian reasons. I am not so sure actually. Curious to read what others here think!

Plan for today:

  • regroup
  • walk to Cambridge and raid bookshops (second-hand and not) with my list of unfindable books
  • check in Mugar Library
  • work on the Oxford talk
  • work on the paper for Vladimir
  • retrieve Susan’s phone number and call her (invite her for dinner: when?)
  • grocery shopping: remember to buy water (the lead content here is horrid)
  • carve out (or cram in) 1 h work on my book
  • stick to my version of low carb regimen
  • skype with mum
  • get the quarters to do the laundry!!! THIS IS URGENT!
  • Ct5K on the Esplanade (I know it’s not meant to be done every day, but today it’s so gorgeous – I mean, by New England standards it really is!)






Comments on: "T’s 14th June" (6)

  1. Great to hear from you T, and those book recommendations are very welcome! Boston sounds lovely.

    I’ve been saying from the start I thought the referendum vote would be closer than people seemed to think. Now Brexit are ahead in the polls. I really think we might be coming out, and since I can see both points of view, I’m finding it fascinating. I hope it doesn’t lead to a resurgence of the extreme right, though. The anti-immigration rhetoric is uncomfortable but this is what happens when you let millions of eastern Europeans come to the UK in such a short space of time – it’s going to have an effect on hospitals, schools etc, and I don’t see any of that being factored in to the cost-benefit calculations being presented by Remain. Given that the NHS is free at the point of use I don’t know how anyone could actually measure the impact, so am sure it’s conveniently being ignored by the Remain camp.

    • Turandot said:

      Yes, I see what you mean. Honestly, I believe that everybody in Europe is in favour of UK to remain, just for the reason that the other choice would be a leap into the dark with a lot of repercussions that are even difficult to imagine now. This means it is the same argument that was used with Greece. From a certain point of view I can see that Europe without UK would mean both a more vulnerable Europe and a more vulnerable UK. At times such as these, strengthening collaboration between secret services and interpol would be paramount to counteract terrorism. The problem is, if such collaboration was already in place, the pro of remaining might be clearer. As things are, one wonders, whether the benefits are really so great and important. I know a bit the aspect of the repercussions of a Brexit at international research level and how it would impact collaboration among universities. The research groups that have been funded in these years with European funds wouldn’t simply be allowed to have any British member / partner /universitiy representant anymore. Everytime I meet a colleague taking part in such schemes, the desperation and the worry is very real. It’s as simple as that, European funds are gathered based on the single countries’ contributions, and redistributed among the groups formed by collaboration between institution of 4 or 5 different countries. Uk would be left out. I think this would be real loss for everybody. But of course, this is just a side of the aspect. An important one, though.

  2. Turandot said:

    Ah, yes, it really is. I walk around and keep thinking that this town is so much deeply loved by its inhabitants. It’s extremely clean, very well taken care of, to the point that it looks manicured, flowerbeds everywhere. There’s a drawback: the underground, which is called T-line here is the oldest in the US, and it’s really ancient. One spends more time in the cars waiting in the dark galleries then anything else, it’s just unbelievable how inefficeint and slow it is. But I walk everywhere, so I don’t complain (well, I shouldn’t ;-).

  3. Boston sounds lovely! I’ll add it to my list of places it’d be cool to visit šŸ™‚

    I’m with SL on finding the Brexit thing fascinating, if uncomfortably so. I do feel it’s a lot of lies leading people down garden paths – on both sides! I also wonder if all the ‘Brexit ahead’ polls will – as I suspect happened with the Scottish Independence Referendum – actually persuade more people to vote stay, and tilt the balance back again. I suppose we shall see o_O

    • Turandot said:

      there’s no doubt, the polls themselves influence people, so they are a factor to be considered. Oh so you think that’s what happened in the Scottish Independence Referendum. I wonder, if Britain leaves, what Scotland will do (apart request another referendum). Anyway one looks at this, it’s a mess.

      • I don’t think it was the only factor in the Indy Ref, but this ‘leave is ahead’ point feels very familiar! We are indeed expecting a second referendum if leave wins – and I agree, it’s a mess all over!

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