calypte 14th June

I declare today a ‘slump day’! That’s K-speak for jammies and tv and not leaving the house 🙂 Two not-just-lazy reasons: one, I hurt my arm/scar zone a bit last night at tai chi. I didn’t think I was being that active, but after lugging about cases (Thursday), groceries (Friday), and party snackage (Saturday), I think I perhaps overdid it. Oops. Secondly, I think I’ve got the start of a cold – argh!! Sunday was the earache, now reduced to just a bit blocked, but today I woke with a sore throat. Really don’t want this progressing – I had plans! But then, such is life, isn’t it?! o_O

Anyway, still tons to potter away at, and not just the tv catch up 😉 I’m going to make soup, assuming the unused box of crudites is still okay – carrot and celery sticks, might as well try for a soup rather than just chucking them. Feeling bad enough at half a tub of hummous going out. Plus, I’m missing cooking in general, so an experimental-ish soup is a good start.

I have two phone call chores, but I am putting those off – again. I hate phone call chores! But, I will do them this week. Honest! Maybe I could bribe myself – I do want to treat myself to an eBook or two – Google survey credits have been wracking up, so I want to try getting one of their books onto my kindle, in a roundabout kind of a fashion. Hope it works! Also have a planned treat if/when I make my next card, so that might tempt me in that direction 🙂

I’ve been rereading Right to Write, slowly, and yesterday hit the chapter on ‘Integrating’ e.g. one bit of your life into the whole. Each chapter ends with an exercise, and this one involved finishing the sentence “I wish…” twenty-five times. The theory is that (1) you end up indicating what you really want to change in your life, and (2) acknowledging things can subconsciously push you to work towards them. Worth a try. She recommends it as a monthly exercise, so I’m thinking a bullet journal page! 🙂

Otherwise I’ll see how I feel. Hot bath ahoy, methinks!


Comments on: "calypte 14th June" (3)

  1. Enjoy your slump day…and don’t forget to rest! 🙂

  2. Turandot said:

    Take care!

  3. Enjoy your hot bath and slump day. Hope you can nip your cold in the bud!

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