calypte 10th June

Hi all! Back from my travels safe and sound. I did leave myself quite achy with the case-carrying, but K was a star at helping and to my amazement, a random bloke offered to lug my little case up the stairs on the underground yesterday – and there was me told that all Londoners were grumpy and rude 😉 Overall, no damage done, and much fun had.

It was – as intended – a lovely relaxed few days, in absolutely glorious sunshine. Yes, I burned! Got to the beach, saw a few sights, and lazed about a lot – lovely! And best bit: how much I appreciated my own bed last night, and being in that holiday carry-over feeling of how I can bring some habits into ‘real’ life, etc. Mainly, that we were out and about every day and yet still felt like a lazy time.

Also tried bullet journalling, sort of, while I was away. Really liked it! I only had a regular (not squared/dotted) notebook, but usually I’d want different things in different places – travelling, for sure, forces the one book, and in the end I liked the mix of shopping lists, ideas, to dos, etc, in one place. Didn’t brave much of the artistic doodlings, so something to work on?

Lots to do today, anyway:

  • laundry 1
  • laundry 2
  • request repeat prescription
  • movie review
  • book review
  • book request after above!
  • finish (?) taking notes from The First Five Pages – or, take back to library for longer renew?
  • find out if cinema still on
  • groceries – (minimal, if have to carry) inspired towards healthy, to stick to that
  • also buy and prep snacks (crudites, etc) for tomorrow’s GoT-a-thon at M’s
  • find out where meeting K tomorrow
  • charge wii batteries – slowest start I can think of; I can do this!
  • put suitcase away

Phew! Might stop there, although there are another dozen things needing looked at soon!


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  1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed your travels! I hadn’t heard that Londoners are supposed to be grumpy and rude, but I hear that all the time about Parisians. My actual experience has not proven those things to be true. 🙂

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