6/7/16 ftf, wren

Feeling much better after a good  night’s sleep.  Ahhhhh…

Things seem to be going well with my childhood friend.  She and her husband have invited us to visit them, she sent me a facebook friend request, and she e-mailed me yesterday with a little chatter and a invitation to get together in AZ at Christmastime.  It feels really happy to have this important connection back in my life.

I have a doctor’s appointment today to have a skin tag removed and perhaps to get a cortisone shot in my heel.  The cortisone shot is a perhaps because I am afraid of it!  The doc says it will really help my chronic Achilles problem, so now I’m trying to see if I can be a grown up about it when the time comes.

My goal for work today is to get my e-mail under control and complete at least three other tasks.




happy dog time!


work day


update & submit forgiveness of reimbursement letter


change distributions for ADNI

FFR Report

90 day close outs


CogTrain uTRAC


set up uTRAC training for rsch assts




renew SAM (due 8/10/16)


close out 09857

Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

to be read folder

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

after work


water garden



Comments on: "6/7/16 ftf, wren" (3)

  1. Yes, it’s really nice that you are getting to know each other again!

    Looks like Hillary has the Democratic nomination 🙂

    • Yes, she’s clearly won. So far Sanders continues agitating. Not very long ago, he was crying about how terrible it was that some superdelegates weren’t voting in accordance with the majority vote in their states. Now he’s vowing that he’ll turn superdelegates around to support him (which isn’t going to happen). Meanwhile, Trump keeps running his mouth and pissing people off. I hope he keeps it up!

  2. It really is! I was worried that we might not have much to say to each other, but I felt instantly comfortable around her and think she did, too.

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