Had a lovely time yesterday, it was great to catch up with Moose and Cate and Wicked was great, lived up to expectations. We figured out at half time that it was the understudy playing the lead but she was brilliant, I can’t believe the main actress would have been as good in fact!

Also, yesterday morning I decided to crack on and booked the writing retreat for a week in August so am now committed to doing that which feels very positive.

It’s G’s birthday today and we were supposed to see each other last night but he cancelled as he wasn’t feeling well and I’ve had an email from him this morning saying that he’s in hospital (he’s been having some heart-related issues lately). So that’s going to be on my mind a lot today. Have offered to visit but not sure if he’ll want me to. Argh.

So, plan for the day is go to work as usual and be on standby depending 😦


Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 2nd June" (3)

  1. Oh, gosh, paws crossed for G and for you, too. Maybe you could just pop in to bring him something nice and have an excuse ready if you get the feeling he doesn’t want you there…?

    On the other hand, big congratulations on signing up for the writing retreat. I think that’s fantastic! Do you ever think of writing a children’s book? With your writing and painting talents, you’d be a natural.

  2. Super exciting on the writing retreat! Not so great about G – hope it goes well, whether you get to visit or not.

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