So glad it’s Friday – I was exhausted again after yesterday although the meetings went as well as could be expected, and it was great to see H last night, her joie de vivre is infectious. But the workplace tension issue is taking its toll on me, and I still haven’t quite got to the bottom of it. Oh well, these things come and go, and I must try to stop noticing and just get my head down and get on with my work. At times like this I wish I had my own office!

We have a long weekend coming up as there’s a bank holiday on Monday. Looking forward to three days off, and meeting ACC tomorrow night – we’re going for cocktails at a pop-up bar, and then fish and chips!

  • clear up carnage from Wed
  • STLs
  • continue tweaks to subco budget for Needy & Greedy (it’s not like I have anything better to do after all…)
  • continue year end procedures and spreadsheets – everything balances at the moment, hurrah! but there are a lot of fiddly bits to deal with now, and a whole new template for the accounts
  • quiet night in, catch up on Good Wife

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 27th May" (1)

  1. It’s amazing how emotions from others can kind of infect a person just by proximity. Sometimes, when I think of it, I visualize a protective barrier around myself to keep them away from me!

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