Up early (by my standards) as have the much-hated 8.30 meeting which I’m going to have to chair as well since the new chairman can’t be bothered coming to meetings. At least he’s agreed we can make them quarterly from now on rather than 6 times a year 🙂

Have another meeting this afternoon for one of the smaller charities which we administer. We’re fond of this charity and spend a lot of time on it but only charge it an admin charge of £500 a year, which is probably about 5% of what it actually costs to run. Nevertheless one of the trustees (who’s a big cheese for another, large charity) likes having a go at us e.g. for not keeping the website up to date, because apparently in addition to being accountants we’re supposed to be excellent writers of scientific information about clinical trials. Hope he doesn’t kick off today.

This evening C and I are meeting H, my old henchgirl, which will be nice. Am very fond of her and wish she was still my henchgirl, quite honestly!

  • coffee
  • meeting 1
  • STLs
  • deal with stroppy professor
  • deal with invoice which I’ve put off for ages
  • deal with pension stuff
  • meeting 2
  • drinks with H

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 26th May" (2)

  1. A pox on that big cheese trustee!!!

  2. Hmm. All fine for him with all the time/money in the world, right? Hope you manage to steer him towards the appropriate folk for the task – who might also want to charge their own admin fee!

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