calypte 25th May

After rather crashing out yesterday, find myself in a surprisingly cheerful mood today – I suspect because I’ve mentally granted myself a day ‘off’ (!). Been good to get things done, but think a few extras added themselves at the last minute and stressed me out, and/or I just did my usual of thinking I could do too much too soon. That said, I managed to get a couple of big/lingering things ticked off the list pretty quickly yesterday – letter to the jury people, and booking myself on a freebie makeup course Maggie’s suggested – which felt really great. However, I did have to cancel dinner plans, as was so drowsy and still quite achy. The ache is still to fully back off, but it’s nice not to have to face doing anything with it today.

That said, with a bit of space again I’m making all the plans! I want to make a card just for fun – not my usual, “argh birthday is tomorrow panic panic”, but just to experiment with techniques and have fun with it. I’m lucky to have the time to fit some of that in right now.

I was also reading a new study that confirmed previous ones on the positive effects of exercise on cancer. I mean, I knew this, but it’s a timely reminder. They reckoned the risk of breast cancer could be dropped by as much as 10%, and really – I’ve got to give that a go! Since I’ve been ‘meaning to’ for so long, this is just another kick to sort out my schedule and ensure this is a priority. And accept that I need to start super, *super* slow.


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  1. Isn’t it? Given some of the other stats I’ve been hearing of late, it’s far too big to ignore 🙂

  2. I can personally attest to some of the other benefits of exercise, such as reduced stress, improved mood and improved sleep. There’s really not much downside, except for perhaps a blister or two. 🙂

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