calypte 18th May


Project Recuperation stage ‘Out and About’ has been restarted! Don’t think I’d realised how much the seroma and fever had knocked me back, but I told a friend yesterday I was doing ‘every other day’ and feeling exhausted. Back for more drainage (sorry!) on Monday, although everything is looking much better, and I am continually grateful for a consultant who is also a human being! I made him laugh about the guy who phoned last week to confirm I had ‘organisms’ in the drained fluid – I mean, I get what he meant, but phrasing, please!! Of course, consultant then got his own back – and note to self and anyone who’ll listen: do not laugh with a giant needle stuck in your… urm o_O 😉

Anyway, yesterday was a lazy day in the flat, but was feeling weird today. Not exactly restless, but worried I wasn’t heading out due to anxiety rather than anything else. So, since the internet was down anyway, made myself go into town to sit and take notes in the lounge-of-free-tea again. And was absolutely fine when I got there, natch.

So, the climb back to normality continues. Hopefully soon I will stop talking about my boobs, right?! LOL!


Comments on: "calypte 18th May" (4)

  1. Turandot said:

    LOL! So glad to see that your spark of humor hasn’t gone off (out? I’m still bickering with phrasal verbs, sorry). I’ve seen that there have been some pretty amazing days in Edinburgh, hopefully the good light and sun will energize you!

  2. Hooray for getting out and about! Paws are crossed for a steady uphill trajectory from here on.

  3. I’m all in favour of lazy days, personally 🙂 seems to me that you’re getting the balance right, gradually building up to more activity.

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