calypte 11th April

The sun is still shining, and I’m heading out in about an hour (huzzah for being able to get out, however locally!) for a haircut – very, very overdue, but I kind of had this weird thought that it’d be tempting fate to get a trim before I found out I definitely wasn’t doing chemo. Will just have to shock the hairdresser! 🙂 Actually, I always feel I’m a disappointment to hairdressers, as I really hate having my hair cut. I just want to be in and out of that chair as quick as possible, and not go back for 3 months or so – probably why I opted for long hair, less maintenance!

No real plans otherwise, but happy to be starting small as long as I’m starting. Woke up far too many times during the night, over-heated (don’t think it’s the tamoxifen, yet), so am a bit tired and cranky. Made the mistake of googling my surgeon (and no, not just ‘cos he’s kinda cute… ahem. That’s actually just awkward!) and was slightly relieved to see that he is older than me – by a year, if I calculate the graduation dates correctly. Sheesh.

Of course, added to tiredness, etc, that did send me into a little bit of a ‘oh gawd, what have I done with my life?!’ moment, but hey: would have been wonderful if we’d all found our calling by 18 and had 20 years of working our way up from a sure foundation! Although sometimes I do wonder what my life would be like now if I’d stuck with the actuary path. It’d be kinda nice to have that kind of respectability, I think – a ‘proper’ career and age appropriate status by now. I sometimes wonder if my shift into programming felt so ‘right’ at least partly because it gave me a job/career title that felt like a real one, rather than some mumbled nonsense about banking or analysis. So, now to be a better developer, and I know what I have to do to move towards that!

And I’ve not entirely given up on having ‘writer’ on there, too. Slow with the scribbles, but found a lovely virtual writing community that’s really motivating me. One foot in front of the other, and… one day? 🙂


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  1. Oh yes, could do without the chatter, too! o_O

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