calypte 10th May

I’ve been having a really tough time of it this past week. Phoned the BC nurses about pain killers last Wednesday, thinking I might need something stronger than paracetamol if/when I got back to work (had actually half-planned on today, actually!). During the conversation she managed somehow to ask the questions that suggested I was at the beginning stages of a fever (at this point, I felt pretty normal!) and had me go to my GP. During the 4 hours wait til my appointment time (but hey – minor miracle they agreed to see me same day, tbh!) I felt worse and worse… Talk about a good catch! o_O

So, couple of days feeling feverish and rubbish, then felt I was on the mend on Saturday. Sunday took a downturn again, though, and by now the swelling near my wound was getting worse. Phoned yesterday and was given an appointment with my surgeon this morning, and sure enough: a seroma, which is common with any surgery, but a particularly bad one due to the size of the incision and plain old bad luck. Just as well I did get to go in, as the antibiotics wouldn’t have fixed it. Got another week’s worth of different, more suitable ones to keep any further infection at bay, so waiting to see if the nausea side effect will be bad, and if my current exhaustion is anything other than just poor sleep. At least the new tablets aren’t quite so restrictive with food – was getting fed up planning everything around meal times!

On the plus side, this wasn’t caused or worsened by anything I did, so as soon as I’m feeling up to it I’m free to go a-wandering again. Which is just as well – Scotland is finally having some gloriously sunny weather! The profusion of cherry blossom on the big old trees near my home is just amazingly lovely 🙂

This has all knocked back my return to work, but I’m *finally* learning how to not feel guilty about that! These things take the time they take, and trying to rush the process is never going to work. As my dad said, at least now I might get a week’s relaxed ‘holiday’ where I can enjoy the free time, bit of a plus for all the rubbish stuff.


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  1. So sorry to hear that you’ve had a surgical complication. When Joseph had surgery to remove some precancerous lesions in his colon, he ended up with a whopper of an infection that sent him back to the hospital for a week. You definitely don’t count on that sort of thing happening when you go in for surgery. I’m glad it was caught fairly early on and hope that the new antibiotics will have you right in no time!

  2. Rotten luck about the seroma but at least you know what it is now and it’s being treated. Hope you feel better soon and can take advantage of the spring-like weather!

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