calypte 1st May

White rabbit-y first of month to everyone, with no pinching (or punching!) 🙂

I reckon with most of my posts being about strain lately, it would be nice to share some good stuff.

Am current doing ‘Project Recuperation, Phase: Get Out and About’. It’s been tough – a little on the psychological/anxiety side, but mostly the darn weather! We’ve had snow in Scotland in general (my dad had a total white out on Friday, found five cars stuck on the side of the road the next morning!), although just hailstorms and rain in (central) Edinburgh. Lots of rain o_O So, two days in a row I had intended to start aforementioned Project, and ended up looking at the sky and going, “Nope!”

Thankfully yesterday decided to be gorgeously sunny, and went for lunch and a wee wander in town with my dad (definitely helps the ‘people banging into me’ anxiety, having him there), followed by grocery shopping – as I can neither drive nor carry much with my dominant arm, shopping is difficult right now. Even today’s quick pop into Sainsbury’s for a few extra/offer items was a struggle, as if I’m holding a bag I don’t have a good arm to hang on to the bus rails… argh!!

Anyway, this is still a happy post! Groceries were of the healthy kind, avoiding my usual over-committing to meals (ie, more than I’m actually around to eat in a week!) and with a slightly experimental slant (Chinese chicken wraps planned! And different flavours than usual of falafels and hoummous).

You’ll note I did get out today, although weather’s not been wonderful – at least it was dry! I took myself along to the Virgin Money lounge, with it’s free tea and biscuits – my favourite little writing space! Had about an hour and a half of taking notes from my book about writing from the library, and doing a very rough first outline of my new fiction idea. Good times 🙂

Part of this process isn’t just my current recuperation, it’s about general life improvement. Leaving my snug flat has always been an achilles heel for me, and yet something I feel I should embrace – all the opportunities are ‘out there’, after all. Even stuff I could do at home tend to actually happen more when I’m in a space with fewer distractions.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely (bank holiday) weekend 🙂


Comments on: "calypte 1st May" (2)

  1. Glad you managed to get out and about! The Virgin Money lounge sounds very nice 🙂

  2. I really like the idea of Project Recuperation. It’s actually rather brilliant!

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