calypte 18th April

Hope everyone had lovely weekends 🙂

I’m mostly settled back in my own flat again, although still finding it frustrating when I can’t do things I’d otherwise take for granted. For instance, I know I’m not allowed baths right now, so I thought it’d be nice to at least soak my feet… but no, I can’t carry a basin of water! Argh! I am moving a lot more, generally, which is leaving me more achy, but I think that’s all for the good.

On Friday I had my first post-op solo trip when I got to go see my best friend, who was passing through town with her mum. Both presented me with absolutely lovely goody bags – aww! Excellent excuse to make some thank you cards (not to mention inspiration from the *gorgeous* handmade notebook!), and was a little annoyed with myself for not starting yesterday. Same old, really! o_O Didn’t even have the ‘tired’ excuse, as it was my first day of no plans in a while. I did manage to read most of a book (almost 300 pages!), catch up on some TV (loving The Durrells for its sweet/quaintness), wrote/posted a review, and finally submitted the missing cashback claim that’s been sitting glaring at me for weeks now! Fingers crossed.

Ooh, and I also ordered a new spiralizer! My own little pencil-sharpener-style one was good (cheap/easy to store) for letting me try out the concept, but realised that it’s really only useful for carrots and courgettes. Sm did lovely sweet potato noodles when I was home, so I’ve gone for one like hers. Now I just need to find storage space in my kitchenette…! o_O

Talking of sm, invited her to try out tai chi with me on Saturday morning, at the Maggie’s taster session. The three hours turned out to be mostly a relaxation session, which was also nice, followed by about an hour of the actual tai chi. I was still pretty exhausted by the end – sm observed that while I was the youngest/fittest-looking member of the class, being 10 days out of surgery probably left me about the weakest! – but I think it was a good level to restart (heck, just start!) my quest for fitness. It sounds daft, but I think I needed the excuse for starting super, super slow, regardless of operations. So yes, we’re going back – tonight!

Big win for the session, though, was how much sm got out of it. She loved the relaxation, and said it helped her almost permanently sore neck, and the tai chi was also her level for bendy-ness. But the real thing, I think, was putting her in that environment: with her own daughter having gone through all this last year, I think sm needs the support and everything just as much as I do, but maybe hadn’t realised it? So, hurrah! 🙂 Going back was her suggestion, so I figure her dragging me along will be my accountability LOL!

So, that’s today sorted. Tomorrow is my results appointment at the hospital, and can’t say I’m not nervous. Not least because I’ll have to see the scar for the first time, and despite my existing collection, it’s just hard. Part of me wants to think of the worst being behind me with the surgery, but this isn’t ‘done’, and that’s also tough – wearying – to face. So thinking things like how I can juggle my schedule to fit in things like tai chi, or plans to back away from noodling on the pc /internet (to go do *anything* else!) for at least 5-10 minutes (building up) every day this week – just, any little positive to take from all this – are helpful. But still, I sometimes feel I’m only coping because I have to. But then, I do have to, so let’s get on with it!



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  1. It sounds as if you are making great use of your time off, with lots of rest, getting some things done at a relaxing pace, spending time with your best friend, and getting back into tai chi. That’s all great stuff! Good for your! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a very positive post-op experience.

  2. Paws crossed for the results appointment tomorrow. The relaxation / tai chi sounds lovely and it’s great that you have someone to do it with!

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