Moosie Thursday 14 April

This week has felt odd, like I had my head under water for the first half of it. We had a fun session at R’s yesterday, less rehearsing as voices are still not completely back, and more planning and looking at website stuff, which was all very good fun. We’re full of ideas at the moment, just lacking on days! At the moment the big goal is to see if we can get a CD together for our next headline gig in mid-June, which is certainly going to be shaping our priorities through to the latter stages of May.

Tonight he’s away with family so I am gigging on my own – solo gigs are few and far between now, which makes them feel special, after slogging away at them week-in week-out last year. Spent the day navel-gazing at work and had a few nice chats with various people. Managed to get up for a run before work after crashing early last night. Looking forward to seeing some friends and hanging out, hopefully singing decently, learning more about live streaming (apparently it’s the latest thing!) and find something reasonable to eat without spending a fortune or hitting the fridge at home later! Try not to stay out too late, and if I’m wired then prep stuff for the morning while I wind down.

And tomorrow is Friday! Yay!


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  1. Just think – it was not very long ago at all that you very on pins and needles at the prospect of your very first gig. You have made such progress, Moosie!

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