calypte 14th April

Double checking myself there – April? Halfway through? Sheesh! o_O

Today finds me back in my own flat, after a lovely – if snoozy! – week of recuperation and being spoiled at my dad’s 🙂 It’s been good for me, I’m sure, but being back home might get me doing a little bit more – I’m quite surprised at how little I’ve ‘accomplished’ (I know, I know – that wasn’t the point!) in the last week. Everything I took home to amuse myself – stack of books, colouring book (yay!), zentangle stuff, paper, reviews backlog – went almost completely untouched! o_O Had images of getting stuck in to all the fun, creative stuff I tend to put off, but turns out napping away the afternoons really shortens your day! 😉

I did manage to spend almost 4 hours wandering around shops yesterday, as my first ‘outing’ in a week. Was a little intense – terrified of being bumped into – and exhausting, but good for me! As well as stocking up on some healthy, easy food, I treated myself to a new notepad (in the sale) and a cute little 1-portion (maybe a tiny bit too small?) lidded casserole, which was half price in Denby – been looking for one to try baked risotto. Have also added a new spiralizer like sm’s to my wish list – she made us amazingly lovely sweet potato noodles (stir fried, with meatballs, red pesto, and green peppers), which I’m keen to add to my repertoire – my little spiralizer is cute, but slightly difficult for anything not courgette-round-shaped! Think I’ve proved to myself that I like the output enough to upgrade 🙂

Today was more shops, as we stopped off for lunch (I wanted to treat my dad and sm) on the drive back to mine. Treats this time were two tops: one for work, and one very not-me but a lovely, summery, terracotta-coloured floaty thing that will need layered up for (a) Scottish weather, and (b) not showing off my armpits – new scarring aside, never liked to do that! Would be good to get better with layering, anyway, plus I just like the idea of trying some new options in my wardrobe. Spring fever, I suspect! 😉

Was also tempted to treat myself to a craft set I spotted the output of on pinterest – it’s a bokeh stamp set – but am more interested in seeing if I can DIY something to gain the same effect. So, I suppose you can say, while I might not have been too creative, I have been somewhat inspired by my wee break from everything! 🙂

Lots of creative pottering sounds good for the next wee while. I’ve got a busy few days lined up, right enough: one of my friends is in Edinburgh for a few days, so going to see her tomorrow morning, and I’ve signed up for the tai chi taster at Maggies on Saturday – turns out it’s at 10am for 3 (!) hours – not quite sure what that’s all about! I’ve also got K missing me like mad, apparently, so will have to see when I can meet her 🙂 Sunday and Monday look quiet, though (phew!), before back to the hospital on Tuesday.

Right now, though, pottering my way through the unpacking, and looking forward to some lazy time!


Comments on: "calypte 14th April" (4)

  1. Turandot said:

    Enjoy your lazy time! So glad to read your updates, keep them coming!

  2. Seems like a bit of retail therapy has been doing the business and good to have some stuff lined up. 3 hours of tai chi though, that’s a lot!

    • It is for cancer patients, so I can’t suppose it’s a full 3 hours of tai chi-ing! Maybe some chat around what it is, the benefits, etc? Eh – nothing says I have to stay for the full time!

  3. I’m glad that you’re being extra kind to yourself and getting in loads of rest and relaxation!

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