Hi everyone! *waves* Thought I’d check in with an ad hoc update! Things were going pretty swimmingly with work and workouts and we’ve been gigging and recording with the duo and starting to get various online things set up and then out of nowhere… both came down with massive colds! Was completely out of action over the weekend and just in the process of picking everything back up – first gig last night, first swim this morning, first rehearsal for a week this afternoon (we had been getting together 3-4 times a week!)

It was so annoying being sick! In the past I’ve not minded the opportunity to take a couple of deserved days’ bed-rest but this time it was really hard, and the wasted time feels like a massive loss! It was also very clear to me how lack of singing, lack of social interaction, and lack of exercise combined to bring me down dramatically and plunge me into the depths of what would have felt “normal” just a few months ago! Can’t believe I spent so much time just accepting living like that, when improving it was so much within my own power.

Anyway things are picking up with a vengeance – in the past 24 hours we’ve had our first finished track back from the studio, a really good lead on a radio station state-side, promotion getting underway for some gigs coming up, and I got live-streamed for the first time when I was playing solo last night! Brilliant and fairly terrifying at the same time!



B flies home on Monday, and the house has a roof! The in-progress shot shows how the plot is situated, it really is out in the wilds at the moment while the other owners bide their time!

The summer is lining up quite nicely with a whole bunch of gigs, the possibility of releasing some kind of CD, video work to come, and hopefully things taking off for us a bit. Also some happy plans for my birthday (thanks Leopard!) and hopefully the chance to make the most of whatever we have in terms of good weather here. There’s a continuing process of working out how to throw more at the things I most love, and being delighted with what comes back.


Comments on: "Moosie Wednesday 13 April" (3)

  1. Your house looks great! How exciting! Not to mention the way your music career keeps growing… I continue to be very impressed!

  2. There seem to be a lot of colds around at the moment – glad you’re back in action with happy plans and the house looks great!

  3. Glad to hear you’re on the mend! 🙂 House is looking fab – when/are you planning on moving in?

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