Had a nice weekend – met Mum on Saturday and we went to see the Alan Ayckbourn play which was very good and suitably distracting, then went for a meal afterwards where there was one wobbly moment but we got over that too. Didn’t get up to much yesterday – reading etc. – have a lot of books piling up at the moment.

Today will be a bit weird as C is away, it’s Aussie K’s last week, and L is joining us today. L is other K’s sister – can’t remember if I talked about this before – and I hope this will all work out well and hopefully provide a long-term solution after my three Aussie temps. Normally I’d have got C to supervise L’s training but as she’s not around I’ll have to do it, which is an extra layer of stuff on top of year end, March accounts, chief hassling about website etc. Oh well! I may just have to ask L to bear with us if it’s a slow start, and chief’s not in today, so at least that’s something!

  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • email everyone about L
  • contract for L
  • payroll stuff
  • programme for L – IT stuff, Bankline, STLs, shopping, dishwasher etc.
  • discuss my website paper with Z and R
  • crack on with March management accounts
  • email qi gong bloke – there’s a class on Mondays quite near me which I think I might join
  • Mad Men or Blue Jasmine?

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 11th April" (2)

  1. Sorry you have to take on training a new person right now when you’re so busy. Training can be so time-consuming! A good friend of mine is very involved with qi gong. He’s taught me a few things, and I found it super relaxing. I’m always on the look out for a class near to me, although it would be unlikely in my small town…

    • Well, I’ve delegated the training to someone else mostly but it’s one of those things working in a small team, trying to juggle everything. So far so good. I used to do tai chi a few years ago but it packed up, so have a reasonable idea what the qi gong will be like, just need to get myself there really.

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