The advantage of going back to work on a Tuesday is that it feels like a Monday, and today feels like a Tuesday 🙂

Yesterday wasn’t too bad actually – dealt with almost all my emails and felt like a productivity ninja. Can’t afford to rest on my laurels this week though, as the busy year end period is coming up and I want to get as much done in advance as possible. It was great to see Z and we had a lovely long chat at lunchtime.

  • nosebleed, lol (I should be grateful I hardly ever get these any more, now my hay fever is practically non-existent)
  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • letter for fundholder
  • reply to auditor (annoying little shit, but I should be polite I suppose)
  • write to lawyers
  • deal with contract
  • review property accounts
  • property meeting 12.00
  • talk to Z about difficult journal I need to post which could make the accounts look weird
  • possibly watch a DVD? am going to cancel my Lovefilm subscription soon after they changed it from ÂŁ4 a month to ÂŁ12 a month, so must make the most of it before it runs out
  • continue reading The Peripheral by William Gibson, which I’m enjoying 

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 6th April" (2)

  1. Did you do something to get rid or your hay fever, or did it just disappear on its own? Hope your day today is just as ninja-like as yesterday!

    • My hay fever got a lot better when I stopped eating bread, more or less. I suspect there’s something in wheat that has had this effect, although I have nothing to prove it! 🙂

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