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SL’s FTF, Fri 29th April

Looking forward to the long bank holiday weekend. Tonight I’m meeting a couple of friends from school, and tomorrow G and A and I are going out for lunch which should be fun. Otherwise am planning a peaceful weekend and hoping to get some more writing done (or at least some more reading)! Have a horrible runny nose at the moment so am hoping that will disappear soon.

  • breakfast
  • what is happening with server?
  • STLs
  • trip to patient hotel to look at backups
  • post some journals for management accounts
  • make a start on VAT return (hopefully finish it in fact)
  • meet M&V

calypte 28th April

It’s odd how good news doesn’t necessarily make you happy – I’ve had a really low couple of days, for some reason. I think perhaps it’s the expectation that right: this is everything back to normal now – but I’m still sore and a little raw (there was bleeding – never something to put you in a good frame of mind!), and so very emotionally bruised. So normality is in front of me, but I’m facing it in still a sub-par condition – that’s almost harder than facing the truly awful stuff. I started all this with the thought, “When it’s over, I’ll do x, y, z. This is the spur for such improvements” – and yet, it’s ‘over’ (in some respects), and I feel *less* capable of facing these things than ever. Well, such is my current theory of low moods!

And I know a lot of the advice will be around getting out there, doing stuff, etc etc – but not always helpful advice when that’s exactly what you can’t face!

Today, though, I’m determined to at least try. There was advice about ‘even a short walk each day’ which I wanted to take, and have been really rubbish with. The weather really hasn’t helped with that, of course! So that’s goal #1 of the day: get outside for something! I have to fight my usual paralysis: oh, but where? Cinema, shop 1, shop 2, coffee shop to write? Too many choices – doesn’t matter, just go do one thing. Make it a short one for today, perhaps, something more tomorrow.

Also on today’s list, such mundane items as laundry, and posting a book review. I also want to rewatch Winter Soldier ahead of seeing Civil War tomorrow – looking forward to that! I think I need more things to look forward to.

Yesterday wasn’t a complete washout: I KonMari’ed my sock drawer! Will have to do after photos, even though I forgot the ‘before’ (just, jumble of balled up socks). I have to say, it really appeals to my inner control freak – in fact, I already want to get some dividers, make it more regimented! LOL! I want to tackle the t-shirt drawer first, right enough – my “oh, I’ll be ‘filing’ it soon” attitude of a good month or so has left a bit of a mess.

I also made ‘potstickers’, or gyoza dumplings – my version of, at any rate. I like the idea of them, but the steamed versions in restaurants were disappointing – so I baked mine. Just veggie ones, but I did my own dough. Maybe not really worth the effort, but glad I gave it a go. And there’s a life lesson.

Here’s to a better day – followed by a better day again, right?! 🙂

calypte 26th April

Today’s news: no radiotherapy for me! Which means I’m sort of done with treatment o_O Feels… odd, I have to say. This is it? Hmm. Of course, follow-up CT scan still to come in a couple of months, and fingers will have to be very tightly crossed for that before I’m out of the woods 😦 I’ve also got possible tamoxifen side effects in my future, but apparently those can take 3 months to show up.

In other words… time to just be getting on with things again?

The past week has been one of trying to build up again to something approaching normality. I’ve been out to the cinema (fun, but buses are still difficult), and spent a full afternoon wandering around the zoo in the sunshine. That was lovely – probably overdid it by more than a little, but just the sun and fresh air were wonderful 🙂 I have needed some quiet/recovery time for the aches following each of these mini-adventures, right enough, so still one step at a time.

I also enjoyed tai chi last night. First half of the class was a lot of trying to follow the more experience folk, and I wasn’t really enjoying it or getting much ‘learned’. But then the tutor slowed it right down and started talking about ‘shifting your centre’ and ’emptying your leg’ and it made a lot more sense! Still only on second class, so not expecting to be great yet, but nice to feel that I can pick something up just a little each time, rather than just waving my arms around! o_O

Today, though, I find myself super-sleepy and quite achy. Not entirely sure why on either, so other than a brief trip to the shops I’m having a(nother) lazy one – while I can! 🙂

SL’s FTF, Tues 26th April

The qi gong class last night was very nice, the teacher was nice, and I’m going to sign up for the full course now. There were only five of us plus the teacher, three of us were newbies, but apparently usually there are more. Happy to have this back in my life again, and the time and place are convenient so all good! Went for a walk this morning and feeling generally upbeat.

  • walk
  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • top priority today is to deal with management account schedules, since bank holiday next Mon wipes out some of my contingency time
  • food shopping
  • reading – made a start on Amy Cuddy’s book last night, interesting so far

SL’s FTF, Mon 25th April

Had a nice time at home with Mum, got some things sorted out, and also briefly saw her cheery friend in the choir – am very grateful to the cheery friend who is good news all round.

Today C is back, hurrah, and this evening I have my first qi gong class, which I’m looking forward to. Hoping that standing like a tree for a bit will be beneficial. Onwards!

  • breakfast
  • welcome C back
  • how is server getting on?
  • STLs
  • crack on with accounts for small charity, hopefully
  • whatever else there is time for
  • come home and potter about for a bit
  • qi gong class


SL’s FTF, Fri 22nd April

How very sad to find out that Prince has passed away, especially after Victoria Wood on Wednesday. The world is a poorer place without them.

Oh well, it’s Friday, and almost the end of the particularly tough two week period, and I’m still on schedule just about. This evening our server is being changed over which is something I’ve been working on for almost a year (!), paws crossed it all goes according to plan.

I’m off to see my mother tomorrow which should be nice. Apparently I may be needed to help one of her friends out with her computer. If so, I hope I can fix whatever is wrong with it. Have a good weekend, everyone!

  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • crack on with allocations
  • help L with some stuff
  • hopefully get trial balance balancing and first set of draft figures in order
  • do some filing, I guess, if the server gets switched off at 4.00
  • catch up on the Good Wife and Line of Duty
  • continue reading the next Fred Vargas book – I cannot recommend this series enough. They are wonderful, with such colourful characters. am having to pace myself so I don’t binge-read the whole lot and then run out 🙂

4/21/16 ftf, wren

The errant employee is making my work life pretty stressful these days.  We’ve had multiple serious complaints about her, and she takes no responsibility for her behavior.  In fact, she is planning to dispute the warning notice that I gave her and has started the process to request reasonable accommodations for her depression under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  I’m moving her to our main office because she’s made all of her co-workers so uncomfortable.  All of this takes up a tremendous amount of time, and then there’s the psychic energy needed to stop myself from reaching out and shaking her.  Ugh.  Where’s my magic make-the-problem-person-disapper wand?

Anyway, today is the day before I leave to visit my mom.  I’ll tie up all the lose ends that I can at work and finish packing tonight, and I also have physical therapy for my hand this evening.




happy dog time!


work day


schedule next RP catch-up

documentation from yesterday


earthquake drill


pay invoices

order Mac

p card documentation

out of office notifications

biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter


post sw job

invoice for 8931

CogTrain uTRAC


set up uTRAC training for rsch assts


Earnings to Income report



to be read folder

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

renew SAM (due 8/10/16)


close out 09857


Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work

hike with dogs

physical therapy

finish packing