3/24/16 ftf, wren

Today we get a break in the rain and snow, although it will still be cold.  Typical springtime weather in the Rocky Mountains.

I had a good chat with my mom last night.  She had her doctor visit, and the news was as expected.  She says that the doctor believes all the cancer was removed in the surgery, but it was an especially aggressive cancer, so she will have one radiation treatment a month for six months.  I wish I could have been at the visit, because I have questions,  but I’ll just have to take things as they come.  My mom sounded in good spirits and said she wasn’t really surprised by the news.  This is her third cancer surgery, so she’s pretty experienced at this point.

I feel good about my progress at work yesterday and hope to continue the trend today.  I’m hoping this will be the day that I can finally get to all the invoicing.  I have approval to take six days off  in mid-April, so my aim is to have things at work caught up by then.




happy dog time!


work day


go to bank

make dr appt

more visa stuff

invoice clinical trials

LMS training (3/31/16)

more invoicing (start w/EVP 24)

JE for INS services

biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter

DSS Sigs


CogTrain uTRAC


to be read folder

look into prof ed courses for fund raising


close out 09857


Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work

hike with dogs

Project Runway!


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