calypte 23rd March

Another update:

Went for the CT scan on Friday, and since there was an hour’s gap between drinking the foul liquid dye stuff and the scan, the BC nurse had invited me to pop along for a chat. I was expecting tea and sympathy, and instead got a total shock as she started on about the likelihood of a ‘full Angelina’ (my expression, forgive me!) being recommended, and not much sympathy when I said that seemed rather extreme right now!

Suffice to say, my weekend was *not* fun. Spend most of it sobbing, and just… yeah o_O

However, when I saw the surgeon yesterday (after a little over 100 minutes in the waiting room – my nerves!!) he was totally unconcerned about the recommendation being that (for my peace of mind, if I was so inclined) or the much less severe lumpectomy – yes, I remain at higher risk of future recurrences, but then, I could get hit by a bus going home (his words!). I have to say, this was SUCH a relief! Much more what I was expecting, given the early catch.

The not-so-great news is a little (unrelated) ‘blip’ on the CT, but so tiny they won’t even try a biopsy yet. I’ve to return in 3 months for a repeat scan. Not what I needed to hear, really, but trying to put it out of my mind for the present – they’re clearly not that worried – and get on with what is in front of me right now.

Which is surgery, and much sooner than expected: a fortnight today, and the same recovery, then discussion of any other treatments. Work HR’s response made me cry: told them the date of the op, and within 10 minutes the next two weeks had been booked out for me as ‘authorised absence’ – officially on holiday, woo! And determined to have as much fun as I can squeeze in, I think 🙂

And also to prep myself a little: want to get the flat as organised as possible, so I can spend my recovery pottering as much as I’m able. Two weeks isn’t long to start an exercise regime, but I’ll see – my one definite remaining task (before I try not to think about any of this for 2 weeks!) is to phone the insurance company, ask about the rehab support [not applicable – it’s for e.g. physio if recommended, not general life care. Oh well]. Folk always talk about cancer being a huge turning point in their lives, and I’m of a mind to give it a go – being fitter and healthier is the least I can do for myself, going forward!


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  1. You’ve got the right attitude, Calypte. It’s true – I know people a few people who have really changed their whole approach to life as the result of a bout with cancer. I’m sorry that the nurse was so insensitive but glad the doctor made up for it somewhat, and I’m glad that your work is being supportive. It’s really nice to have two weeks to prepare for the surgery. Are you expecting to stay over in the hospital, or will it be same day surgery?

  2. Turandot said:

    You’ve got it all planned out, such a relief that you are getting all the support at work! I like you in fighting and determined mode! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. I can’t believe the nurse either! Seems totally inappropriate and not her place. Glad things are moving on fast and work are being so good about it. Paws crossed here.

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