3/22/16 ftf, wren

I’m waking up to the bad news from Brussels.  Very sad.  I hope there are no more attacks.

Yesterday was very hectic at work, and much of my time was spent putting out fires.  With two meetings and a return of the boss, I’m expecting more of the same today.  Tonight we “caucus.”  It’s the first time we’ve used this system in Utah.  I believe that it’s just an effort by the conservatives to keep the liberals from voting.  Under the caucus system, liberals can only vote between the hours of 6 and 8:30 p.m., during the caucus meetings.  Meanwhile, conservatives also have the options of voting by mail or voting online.  Apparently, this has something to do with the differences in financial resources available to the two parties.  I will show up and cast my vote for Hillary Clinton and be glad that Bernie Sanders is leaving our state.  I’ve heard several times that Mrs. Clinton is hated a lot in other countries and am wondering if this is what the ftfers experience.




happy dog time!


work day


graph for boss

reply to DF

get photo?

meeting 1

meeting 2

time off request


Angela W distributions (Monday)

start on visa

invoice clinical trials

LMS training (3/31/16)

biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter


CogTrain uTRAC


to be read folder

look into prof ed courses for fund raising

DSS Sigs


close out 09857

policy re: working from home

front door keys


Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work

wet and cold weather hike

vote vote vote

quiet night


Comments on: "3/22/16 ftf, wren" (4)

  1. The Brussels thing is awful. As for Hillary, everyone I know is hoping she wins – I understand that a lot of Americans hate her (is it because she’s perceived as untrustworthy?) but if the alternative is Trump then I think the world must be praying that she wins.

    • Ever since the Bill Clinton presidency, both Clintons, but especially Hillary, have been accused of many things, but they have never been found guilty of any misdoing. Most recently, there have been seemingly endless hearings because Mrs. Clinton sometimes used her personal e-mail for business while she was Secretary of State (not illegal and not uncommon at the time), and the right has endlessly accused her of culpability in the US embassy bombings in Benghazi. It’s all politics, but there seem to be many people who view her as untrustworthy simply because she has been accused. I suspect that this idea of her being hated in other countries is more of a smear campaign, so it’s interesting to hear your experience.

  2. Hilary Clinton isn’t certainly hated in Italy. Here basically few know anything at all about Bernie Saunders, I think . However my most progressive friends in the US are all convinced that Bernie Saunders would be better than Clinton. If nothing else because in an election against Trump he is said to stand some chiance, while apparently she has none.
    I have read some quite bitter articles against her both in the New Yorker and in the Guardian. Apparently there’s people who look at her as too compromised with Wall Street and the bank system and the establishment. Whatever turns out, it’s going to be an election that sends shivers down my spine, with Trump on the other side and the risk to see him President.

    • Thank you for sharing the view from Italy. I’m glad that she isn’t hated there! From what I’ve read, both Clinton and Sanders are polling as winning against Trump. It’s too early for those polls to have much meaning, though. So far, no one has attacked Sanders, but if it came to Trump vs. Sanders, Trump would really go after him, and his extremely radical past would be a real Achilles heel. Unfortunately, many of his supports seem to be captivated by his impassioned speeches and his big promises, and they don’t seem to do any research of their own.

      I don’t want to see Trump as president, but he is less scary to me than Ted Cruz. Cruz is a religious zealot, and that really scares me.

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