A bit of an update: Hi girls! After reading Deep Work by Cal Newport I tried out some of the changes he suggests in his book and even in that tentative fashion, it was impossible not to notice how much better I was able to work. After all these years looking for more efficient ways to work, it is good to last have settled. His message is nothing extraordinary, actually. I kept reading and thinking: but of course, this is obvious! The only logical conclusion, if one wanted to be coherent, would have to be to quit my presence here. But I don’t like that, so I thought I’ll share my weekly plan on monday mornings here. And cut back on my online presence all the same. His distinction between deep work and shallow work was something I had often experienced, without ever being able to see their respective effects clearly in my mind. He thinks his book can speak to all knowledge workers. I don’t know about that. it certainly spoke to me. Also, as a result of this reading I paired down my list of 10 goals for 2016. Generally speaking I hadn’t felt as serene as this in ages I believe. Oh, and I was selected again by my uni to spend June in Boston at BU as a visiting professor. All is running very nicely at the moment. So, ok, this is my first attempt at a weekly planning as Cal Newport thinks about it. It is fairly loose and discursive, which amazed me at first (see http://calnewport.com/blog/2014/08/08/deep-habits-plan-your-week-in-advance/). I’ll see how it goes, meanwhile, here it is.



Work week fairly free from dept. constraints (except wed afternoon) and with a couple of looming deadlines, therefore main focus will be on 2 projects.

Research and writing

Carve out three hours of deep work every day for the below research tasks. This is the core of each day’s schedule.

This week main focus is the preparation for the talk on Aristotle’s Politics and the Venetian debate about the role of women during the Renaissance. I will have to spend mornings in the library (BU and BC) to gather and scan through sources, plan and write.

Afternoons I will work in the office (except tuesday): pushing through the paper about FB’s translations and bringing it to completion. Wednesday is blocked out by graduation meeting 2,30-5,30

Dedicate one morning/ a 3-hour deep work block to research and choosing a title for the September talk about Beyond humanism.


Each day, outside of the deep work hours assigned above, make progress on the below non-deep tasks.

Browse possible choices for subjects and textbook for next year teaching courses.

start setting up the procedure to compensate SG for her translation services.

The following small tasks are time sensitive this week: (1) fill in the teaching register and turn it in; (2) write MG and fix the commission for exam session of June; (3) respond to Vladimir’s recent questions (print paper out and prepare new version for his miscellany, deadline June); preparations for BU: list what needs to be done when.


Start training myself to drop everything work related by 6.30 pm.

Start training myself to check all emails once daily (at 3 pm)

aim for 1-hour workout at the gym daily

aim for eating mostly vegetables Mon-Wed, then restart with a balanced diet

tuesday 9 pm: skype Norman

each day 9-10 pm is telephone/skype/internet hour

email Zuz


Comments on: "T’s plan for upcoming week" (3)

  1. Nice to see you here and great that this approach is working for you!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation – I’m now 7th on my library borrowing list 🙂

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