Moosie Thursday 17 March

Happy St. Patrick’s day from me (or rather from R, the only legitimately Irish person on our floor!) I’m hoping there will be some Guiness crisps on offer at lunchtime!

A bit ahead of myself today so thought I’d use some of this time to post an update as it’s been a little while. Here we are in mid-March; it’s chilly but spring-like in London and when I came round at 5:30 this morning it was already getting light. I find myself questioning how we got here so fast and then am struck by how losing T really swallowed up the whole of February. It’s been a long process of adjusting to not having her around and equally to the ever-deepening friendships I now have with her husband, dad, and other friends we had in common. And so here we are in spring.

On Tuesday R and I had our first official gig as a duo. It went really well – I have next to no nerves when there’s company on stage and we really put a lot into prepping the set (which is the other answer to the question of where the last two months have gone!) A whole load of our friends came out to see us debut and we’ve had tonnes of positive feedback, so there’s a lot of hope and excitement that we can make something great out of this and we have a lot of plans to move forwards. I’ve also bought a banjo! Which is terrific fun even though I can barely play it yet! And have broken the fiddle out of its case once or twice. I’m writing a lot of songs and am hoping to do a solo album this year too, with several offers of help so far.

We have another gig in early April so the next couple of weeks, what with Easter as well, promise to be a massive string of socialising and rehearsing. B leaves for the Gambia next week to have the roof put on the house (!!) and he’ll be gone for the best part of a month, so it’ll be a challenge for me to keep myself busy and happy on my own, but I’m also hoping to do a bit of a “detox” (or at least get a grip and make lighter meals at home and more of them!) and clear up the flat some, before he comes back and throws himself into end of year exams.

So that’s life just now, I have had zero motivation to do anything at all about my work situation beyond keep my head above water and I really should at least make some baby steps in this area. There’s enough else going on right now though.

Today’s list will be:
* clear through list of jobs at work
* talk schedules & plans with R
* be sociable for St. P’s day
* sort out my own plans & projects

Tonight I need to:
* play a bit of banjo!
* do a bit of cleaning – I cleared out a load of clothes last night and that felt great
* get on top of the scrapbooking situation

Hope everyone’s keeping well – Calypte you’ve been particularly in my thoughts and Wren I hope you’re on the mend! xx


Comments on: "Moosie Thursday 17 March" (4)

  1. Thank you, Moose 🙂 Keep being kind to yourself through all that busy!

    • Thanks Calypte, you too! Lots of good friendships and singing is all the self-care I seem to need right now 🙂

  2. It’s so good to see your update! Wow – so much is going on in your life. I have to ask about house in Gambia. Are you & B building a house there? The photos you posted from your trip made it look like an enchanting place. And I think the banjo is really exciting. I love the sound of a banjo and understand its a somewhat difficult instrument to master.

    Just recently I saw a movie called Rudderless that reminded me of you, mainly because a good bit of the action involves a group of people who are going to open mike nights.

    • Rudderless is a good word for open mike musicians haha 🙂 yes B is building a house out there, it’s been part of his Big Plan for a while as we are unlikely to ever own here and we wanted something to call our own, and it keeps his links with his family etc. It’s an amazing place, much if it very empty and so sunny!
      Banjos are awesome, I think we can all agree on that 😉

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