calypte 15th March

Today was the big consultant meeting to discuss what happens next – or, not quite, as they decided they wanted another scan, a ct this time, more to do with my history than the current issue, before they recommend any treatment. I mean – I get it, but arghhh! I have been so tense waiting to hear my ‘fate’ today, and now looks like this will rumble on for at least another two weeks (scan hopefully next week, back the following Tuesday for the consultant meeting again).

On the plus side, think that means they’re not desperately worried about the tumour (!) sitting for a couple of weeks (eeep), and I do appreciate the whole being thorough – but to have to wait ’til next week or the week after for a scan is just torture! Couldn’t they fit me in tomorrow, or something?!!! Fingers crossed they might just be able to rush something a little quicker, but argh and argh and my nerves!!

Also means I have to make a decision re work. Two or three weeks is almost certainly too long not to go back, especially when I will have to be off post-surgery (minimum), but my brain is so not there for that right now. Which sucks. Am definitely taking tomorrow off – I’m exhausted from the stress! – but guess that’ll be me heading back in. I know some people think the distraction is the best thing, but I’ve appreciated the distractions at home, too. Ah, I’m sure it’ll be fine, but – can’t say this enough! – argh!!!


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  1. Thanks, D. I think I’m just exhausted (sleep and stress versions!) today, and hibernating for a year sounds lovely. But a hot bath, better sleep, and day off tomorrow to do fun stuff should sort me out, and then normality might seem like an okay idea!

  2. How frustrating, although I agree that this seems to be a sign that matters are not urgent. Hang in there!

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