Friday at last! Yesterday was quite relentless again. Three complicated phone calls in the first half hour, for example. A certain academic institution over the road which shall remain nameless has suddenly started to make lots of admin charges for doing various things, and I’m seeing a lot of the docs who work for them as well as the hospital coming to us for help which is quite flattering but also time-consuming.

This evening I’m meeting my friend AM which will be great, I always enjoy seeing her, and then I have my random week off! I’m going home tomorrow, my bro and SIL are coming up too, and we’re all going out for Sunday lunch to celebrate Mum’s birthday. It’s been quite some time since the four of us were together so that will be very nice. Coming back Tuesday evening and then want to spend the rest of the time reading, walking, writing (perhaps I’ll try Storium, it looks very interesting!) getting back to the French etc – all the usual stuff!

I’ve found I haven’t been doing Headspace much lately, despite forking out for it. Having made it through the first 30 sessions I then started doing another module but didn’t realise that was another set of 10, whereas I’d rather choose one at a time. It’s a bit restrictive in that sense. There are “singles” so perhaps I should have realised that the fact they’re called that implies that the other ones aren’t standalone. Oh well!

  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • send millions of £ to new investment broker
  • send fund statements
  • auto-enrolment form
  • Intrastat  / EC sales list
  • leave notes for Caz
  • whatever else there’s time for, if anything
  • out of office!
  • meet AM

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 11th March" (1)

  1. I hope you have a really lovely week off!

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