Up early today as have an appointment with the eye hospital to check out whether I have glaucoma (or “high eye pressure” as they have rebranded it). I’m hoping this doesn’t involve too many machines puffing air into my eyes but suspect it does.

Out with my school friends this evening. Last year we met up and it was nice, and one of them was supposed to be organising the next one but nothing happened so I took matters into my own hands in Jan i.e. a year later, and this is the result. I guess I should just swallow my pride in these matters. Everyone seems to be frantically busy all the time except me 🙂

  • breakfast
  • text C – not only is it her birthday but she has an exam!
  • eye test, paws crossed not too serious
  • welcome K back – she’s been away for 4 days, the last two C has been off too so I have been all-singing all-dancing season ticket loan hotline – will be nice to relinquish that role!
  • meet IT guy to discuss server permissions
  • tackle the giant list of small things
  • meet school friends

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 9th March" (4)

  1. Good for you on organizing the get together with your friends. It does often seem as if people usually enjoy these types of events but only one person is especially good at making them happen. It’s a real gift that your such a person!

    I hope the eye appointment isn’t too bad and brings you good news.

    • Thanks! Unfortunately we had to postpone due to transport issues. Never mind! The eye appointment was inconclusive and I have to go back in 3 months, grr.

  2. Best of luck with the eye appointment – between me and wren, I think we’ve claimed all the bad news for the group for a while, so you’re bound to be okay! 😉

    Also, had this recommended to me yesterday, in case you want to check it out too: storium.com

    • Yes, I was thinking my eye appointment is small beer compared to your news and wren’s surgery. NHS hospitals are depressing places, and I came out looking like a zombie due to yellow eye drops.

      Thanks for the link, will have a look at that!

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