calypte 8th March

Well, fuck.


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  1. Breast cancer, take 2. Caught REALLY early (we’re measuring in millimeters) but still. Fuck this shit.

  2. Sorry, sharing isn’t really caring right now!

  3. Shit, sorry to hear that calypte. What rotten luck. It’s good that it’s been spotted early, but still. Sending you good thoughts also.

  4. Ugh. I’m really sorry to hear this.

  5. Really sorry to hear this Calypte 😦 hope they have it all sorted really quickly for you xxx

  6. Turandot said:

    Sorry, yes, it’s horrible news. But medicine has improved tremendously, and life expectancy is very very high in this case. My mum was operated 4 years ago for a stage 2 breast cancer, only had to do radiotherapy after the operation, and her life is as active and happy as before. She was so full of courage that I greatly admired her when she went in for the operation (my dad and I were terrified), and she got laser focus since then. Has finally learnt to say no to what is not relevant in her life. And yes, the news were totally shocking to her at first. Please, try to think that you’ll navigate these rough waters as best as you can.

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