3/4/16 ftf, wren

My annual budget review with the boss went well yesterday.  I wasn’t even nervous.  My strategy, which I’d like to remember for next year, was to present my realistic projections to him so that he & I could discuss and plan, and then decide on the ways that I will “update” the budget so that it presents the picture the higher ups want to see.  This afternoon will be my meeting with the department director, and after that I can go home for the weekend and, I hope, put the budget behind me for this year.

My mom’s surgery is this morning, so I hope that goes well, of course.  I phoned her last night.  She seemed to be a little nervous, but her good friend was staying over, and my brother will be taking her to the hospital today, so that is all good.  I discussed “sundowning” with my brother so that he will know what to do if it happens.

I’m currently a little bit obsessed with this house as a retirement home…not that we’re all that close to retirement, but I can dream!




Happy Dog Time!


work day


buy software

revise personnel spreadsheet

revise FY17 spreadsheet

enter revisions in system

f-up w/on uTRAC letters  x 2

final budget meeting

clinical trials profit/loss report

scheduled DF meeting

office supplies

unemployment report


journal entry for gurgel services

new INS invoice?


to be read folder

look into prof ed courses for fund raising

LMS training

update distributions for protec change


biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter

need more POs!

invoice clinical trials

close out 09857

policy re: working from home



Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work

find some place that’s not too muddy for walking with dogs

snuggle up w/J



Comments on: "3/4/16 ftf, wren" (2)

  1. Paws crossed for your mom’s surgery.

    The house looks great! I find the architectural style very interesting – it’s very different from the houses over here 🙂

    • That style of architecture is unique to the southwestern part of the USA. It’s something that I’ve grown up around, and I like it, but it would look strange anywhere else. 🙂

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