Up at stupid o’clock (by my standards) as have an early meeting – argh! Some eejit decided to stand in the corridor and bang on someone’s door for 10 minutes at 6.20 which was very irritating but did help me get up at least.

I have been enjoying this blog lately so thought I’d share in case it strikes a chord with anyone else.

  • throw things at annoying man in corridor (not really – I merely opened the door and peered down the corridor – and got a whispered “sorry” for my troubles – he then resumed knocking 30 seconds or so. Who the hell lives in that flat that it takes them 20 minutes to open the fecking door?)
  • breakfast
  • subcommittee – slightly scary as we have a new chairman who is head of the hospital’s building stuff. I don’t know him at all but hope he’ll be ok. The chairman who’s leaving was so nice to work with… 
  • look into stuff for Needy & Greedy and braying posh bloke who helps N&G because N&G is also dim argh grrr etc.
  • need to count vouchers and petty cash
  • catch up with C
  • continue working my way through my list
  • leave 5.00
  • which gives me a long evening at home – must not waste it! 
  • Headspace
  • writing
  • DVD?
  • continue reading the Night Manager

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 2nd March" (1)

  1. N&G has got to go! I only read the first blog post, but it was interesting and affirming. I’ll have to take a closer look later today.

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