SL’s FTF, Mon 29th Feb

Had a nice weekend – we went to see Deadpool on Saturday in the end which was silly but enjoyable. I don’t go to the cinema much these days so it was nice to see something on the big screen for a change. Finished reading the Big Sleep and have now moved on to the Night Manager, which is on TV at the moment so it’s interesting to read the book at the same time.

  • clear up carnage
  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • deal with emails
  • review list – must have had a good weekend as can’t remember much about what I have to do this week
  • correspond further with club manager over budget
  • more checking
  • call Mum
  • Headspace – am hoping it might help my creativity…
  • catch up on Night Manager, TV version

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 29th Feb" (3)

  1. Oh! I was meant to be sharing some of the writing prompts! Will get on it!

    In Saturday’s workshop, we had to each pick a word to describe how we were feeling there and then, and something we could see out of our bedroom windows (mine were befuddled and golf course) – and then write for 5 minutes, using those two words.

    The next step was to underline four 2-3 word phrases that we liked from the exercise, so I had something like sleep walking, chill night air, unsettling silence, and something else. So then – of course! – it was 10 mins to write, including all of those phrases (in a different story).

  2. Yes, it makes a refreshing change!

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