2/22/16, ftf, wren

I’m still on medical leave from work at least through Wednesday.  On Wednesday, I see the doctor.  Hopefully, x-rays will show that everything is healing properly, in which case my arm will be put in a hard cast and I will be given the all-clear to return to work.

On Friday, my mom told me that she is having a hysterectomy.  She’d gone to the doctor because of some blood in her urine, and he did some tests and found some abnormal cells.  She just saw the gynecologist last month and no problems were found, so I’m hoping that this is a problem that is being addressed very early on.  She will meet with the surgeon tomorrow to find out more, but I’m expecting that she will be in the hospital for three days, followed by 6-8 weeks of rest at home.  At times like this, it is hard to live so far away.  She and I did a lot of problem solving over the phone (who can stay with her, who can look after her dog, what should she do to prepare, etc.), and I’ll talk to her again tomorrow.  I’m sure that I’ll go back to see her during all of this, but it would be much easier if I haven’t recently taken so much time off for my surgeries and J’s.  My mom is 86 and has survived cancer twice, so there’s always some worry in my mind, but it does no good to get carried away with that.

Plans for today:

take dogs out

deal w/e-mail

three IRB invoices

follow-up w/SJMC

budget:  personnel forecast and distributions



Comments on: "2/22/16, ftf, wren" (2)

  1. You and your family have certainly been going through the wars lately. Paws crossed all round!

  2. Eeeep! Here’s hoping it all works out well, for you both!

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