T’s 19th Febr. Fri FTF

Friday already, gosh! I must be the only person to feel a deep anguish when friday comes and I suddenly think: OMG, where has the week fled? uhm. Mondays in comparison go down like a breeze. But Fridays? that’s usually when I realize I’ll have to spend the weekend working. And that feels vaguely unfair. I’m still not sure whether I am a worhaholic, or what, honestly. But academia is an insane place where everybody seems to consider normal that you write your papers and books during the weekends, as well as during the working week (except that’s mostly for useless meetings, scholarly powergames, feuds, occasionally teaching, some browsings in the library of course, etc.). It’s only when I mentally peep out of the ivory tower that this working on weekends starts to feel insane. That’s why I’m married to a non-academic (I challenge you to try and find an academic married to a non-academic in Oxford, I didn’t meet any). To keep sane. And also posting here makes me feel that what is considered just normal and obvious in my social working environment is no less than an obnoxious practice. So ok, end of rant. Didn’t mean to, sorry.

Ok, then, on to today:

  • revise on § 7, 8, 9, 10
  • integrate points in § 9
  • resubmit!
  • email DR
  • call M (lure him here?)
  • plan relatively sane weekend (go for a walk in venice?)
  • library: check Spinoza
  • read students papers for Monday exams
  • deal with the flat (don’t know where to start, honestly)
  • some basic grooming is much needed at this point
  • dinner @ indian restaurant?
  • mandatory: sleep at least 8 h



Comments on: "T’s 19th Febr. Fri FTF" (4)

  1. It’s the same in US academia, T. It is just expected that faculty will work at least 60 hours a week. Many of them seem to not mind the long hours. As a staff member, I can get away with keeping to a 40 hour work week, although in many cases, the long hours reach down to staff, too. I’m sure that could happen to me, but I am very protective of my time.

    • Ah, yes, indeed, powergames take up a lot of time. I’ve been lucky to meet some relaxed and very human colleagues in the US, and some good role models too! I’m always on the look out for role models, more or less consciously, probably because most colleagues I meet are just hopeless instead and I get quite depressed when I start thinking about that and the probability of me becoming like that myself. Gosh, that’s scary!

      • Do you mean that academics in your country end up feeling trapped into something that isn’t what they want to do? I notice that the older generation of faculty are pretty content with their ridiculous work demands, for the most part, while the younger generation seem to be a bit more resentful and a lot more money-driven.

  2. Aw, shame you don’t get to enjoy the weekend! Try and find something nice to do for yourself 🙂

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