2/19/16 ftf, wren

I was a good bit more active yesterday and my hand/wrist has been having more pain.  That’s probably not a coincidence!

The US news is devoting a ridiculous amount of time to the presidential elections.  I’ve decided it is just due to laziness on the part of the media.  We are inundated with the latest outrageous remarks, poll results, and accusations each day and meanwhile receive almost no reports on international events or other domestic issues.  I wonder if it is like this in other countries?


get back to SJMC

continue with year-end projections

take dogs out into the snow

tidy up house


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  1. Try to be patient and take care, it is important that it heals well! Did the doctor confirm that it was all right for you to take the dogs out in the snow while you are carrying a cast? I’m just a bit apprehensive.

    • Hmmm, well… he did say it was okay to go walking. He cautioned me about the importance of not falling in the snow, so I suppose he would prefer that I not take the risk…

  2. Yes: we get ridiculous press coverage of the US presidential elections too 😉

    Do take it easy, let that wound heal properly (((wren)))

    • Oh, gosh, I can’t believe that you have to hear about our elections, too. Does your news coverage make it sound as if we’re all crazy? (I often wonder about that myself!)

  3. As for your questions, yes, the media coverage of elections is pretty terrible everywhere, I believe, and certainly it is here. It is much better when one reads the papers, compared to watching tv here. Of course, I didn’t need to write that down. I never owned a tv set BTW. While I was very impressed with the media coverage of the elections in UK during my last stay, I thought the tv journalists were unbelievable. Very aggressive. Here no journalist would ever dream of being as aggressive as that.

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