T’s 18th Febr Thurs FTF

Thanks whoever, the sun is up again in the sky. We had the most hideous sequence of greay days and costant rain and… I never realize how much it saps my energies and my clarity of mind till the moment it’s over, then I recover from my slumbering dump dizzy mind effect and suddenly I’m all steady ready to jump into whatever I have to do. While before it’s a constant: oh, wait, what is it that I’d be supposed to be doing now? oh, but let’s have coffee/tea before (restart from first question).

Plan for today, planning to be productive, around the barrier of the customary useless total loss of time afternoon meeting.

  • Hp: sect. 8 and 9: revise line by line
  • healthy lunch
  • 15:30: dept. meeting
  • 18:30: gym Bodybalance
  • work emails
  • revise and send book list for orders @ library
  • book train tickets for Rome 4th March
  • ?!?!?!?!? promote myself for the moral phil association elections?!??!?! (no, no, no, I really don’t think I can do that. it was never my idea in the first place to come forward as a candidate, but I was the only woman among the associate profs and at one point it took this strange turn that it seemed – to others- that it should fall on my shoulders, but I feel really odd about it)
  • recover from the shock of being a candidate (how? I wonder)



Comments on: "T’s 18th Febr Thurs FTF" (2)

  1. Interesting about how things are playing out with the elections. What position are you up for, and what responsibilities does it involve? Is there anything about it that appeals to you?

    • No, not much responsibility, honestly, just the hassle to have to go to the meetings in Rome 3 times a year, probably. The fact is, that is the pleasant part, actually. The real problem is how useless these meetings are. If I have to beg for votes, at least, give me some power! 😉 The whole representative body has no real function, one might say. I imagine it’s more a social aspect: let’s keep in touch and organise something all together once a year. It’s a very bland equivalent of things like the American Philosophical Assocaition, but limited to the university professors of moral philosophy in Italy.

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