SL’s FTF, Thurs 18th Feb

Had another productive yesterday although had to LOL when I saw wren’s comment about Needy & Greedy – sure enough, he sent me an email first thing saying he was intending to dump a pile of work on me in the afternoon. (This guy isn’t my boss, by the way!) Then, when I didn’t bother to reply – which admittedly was perhaps a little passive-aggressive on my part – a couple of hours later sent me another email in case the first one had gone astray! Managed to get his stuff done fairly quickly in fact but it’s the way it’s sprung at short notice and always super-urgent and super-important that grates. Ah well…

Book group was nice – there was some confusion about where exactly we were meeting, and I saw one of the group sitting in the window of Patisserie Valerie so went in and got her and we went to the Turkish restaurant where the others were waiting and we had a few meze. It was good, and I’ve managed to get the Big Sleep picked for next time, which fits in well with my film noir / hardboiled private investigator interests at the moment.

  • prep beef stew – how I love my slow cooker especially at this time of year!
  • breakfast
  • Z to call me to go through minutes
  • update minutes and give to chief, who is randomly in today
  • info for tax return
  • deal with whatever else is on my list – piles of crap are mounting up!
  • cheese shop
  • dinner with G

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 18th Feb" (3)

  1. You’ve inspired me – my library’s e-collection has the Big Sleep, so let me know when you start reading 🙂

    Also: slow cooker, yes! Must use mine soon!

  2. Needy & Greedy – ugh! I just bristle when someone who isn’t my boss tries to boss me around, and I definitely let the passive aggression fly!

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