SL’s FTF,Wed 17th Feb

Can’t believe it’s only Wednesday, this has been an action-packed week.

Had a productive day yesterday and enjoyed the wine tasting although it did involve some unexpected wandering round Highbury as I managed to get lost on the way! Fortunately Highbury seemed quite nice.

Today I’m hoping for a quiet day getting my head down at work and then it’s book group this evening. The book was “The Sunrise” by Victoria Hislop and I was impressed with it – it’s about the war in Cyprus. We picked it in memory of one of our members who died recently, whose family was from there.

  • breakfast
  • email building manager about annoying high-pitched whiny noise
  • STLs
  • deal with immediate emails
  • finish minutes and send to Z
  • book group
  • food shopping
  • do some clearing up
  • early night 

Comments on: "SL’s FTF,Wed 17th Feb" (1)

  1. Thank goodness Needy & Greedy didn’t make it to your list today. That’s always a good sign!

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